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Pittsburgh High Schoolers Treated to Graphic Presentation On How to Get Banned From Donating Blood

Some 400 seniors at Norwin High School outside Pittsburgh assembled to hear why it’s important to donate blood. Instead they were shown gay porn pictures loaded onto the computer of a blood bank staffer who clearly confused his PowerPoint slides with his private collection of erotica. He closed the files and delivered his presentation and promptly left; then he was suspended by the blood bank. The junior class will not receive a presentation, which is silly, because the porn did help clarify one aspect of donating blood: If you do anything in the photos, you’ll be blacklisted.

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  • B

    Once heard about a TV station where the technicians used the equipment to watch some porn after the station went off the air. Unfortunately, the porn inadvertently was broadcasted, creating quite an uproar (and no doubt a few terminations of employment).

  • Disgusted Gay American

    OF COURSE THE STUDENTS WEREN’T TOLD THAT UNPROTECTED HETOERSEXUAL SEX..CAN GET YOU BANNED…..NO PROBLEM BOYS…Pound all the pussy you want….girls, get fucked as much as you want…this law ONLY applys to gay people……pathetic …bigoted and discriminatory

  • Samuel

    Curious if the photo above is from the actual event.

  • Sean

    @Samuel: No. Look at the left of the image. It bleeds off the projection screen. Clearly just a Photoshop job.

  • Dan

    They should have used the opportunity to talk about safe sex for gay, bi and straight students, but God forbid governments let schools teach students something useful in the real world.

  • GayGOP

    It’s Pennsylvania. I spent the last 3 years there as a law student. Don’t get me wrong, I love the state, but it is definitely bass ackwards, especially around Pittsburgh, and in the T.

  • Republican

    Hopefully, the reaction will remain sane and charges won’t be filed. These students shouldn’t have been exposed to porn in high school (though I’m sure they’ve seen it plenty of times elsewhere), but it seems pretty obvious that the guy didn’t intend to do this. I’m sure the blood bank will let him go and that should be punishment enough for his carelessness.

  • swellster

    Oh my god. Think of the CHILDREN! They are scarred for life because of 15 seconds of homosexual erotica. The mass hours of violence and misogyny that they have consumed over the years through tv, movies, and video games has had no ill effects on them — but 15 secs of gay pornography is going to ruin them.

    Americans are such sexual prudes. It is idiotic.

  • PopSnap

    #1) Jesus, this is literally one of my biggest fears and why I check EVERY file before preparing something to be presented just in case. Poor guy.

    #2) A LAWSUIT? Is that really needed? The poor guy suffered enough humiliation as it is. I suppose this *may* be grounds for firing if his boss is a total dickhead but honestly? Why the hell are we so sue happy in this country?

    #3) I LOL’d at an article that had someone saying “These were a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds”. Haha. Half of the kids present could probably have suggested a few better sites to visit themselves!

  • Hard Gaze

    Umm I’m wondering what flick that pic is from? Imma get my hands on it and enjoy the wonders of my body’s circulatory system. We may not be able to donate blood but at least it reaches all of the important organs…

  • Hilarious

    @PopSnap: “Poor guy”? It’s unprofessional to have porn on a flash drive you use for work period. He was working and representing the blood bank at a school.

    It has nothing to do with his sexuality or the type of porn that was on the drive. No porn should’ve been on it in the first place.

    He’s lucky he wasn’t fired. A suspension is getting off easy.

    This is the type of slip up most places of work would have zero tolerance for.

    Of all the things out there to defend this sure as hell isn’t one of them. He needs to pick himself up, dust himself off, and go to work to work with only work files on his work flash drive. Flash drives are so cheap you can afford one for personal use and one for work use.

    There’s really no excuse.

  • REBELComx

    @PopSnap: I think that was me! I posted something like “So this is basically a case of ‘OMG, some 17 and 18 year olds saw a penis!'” Oh please.

    @Hilarious: If you read the whole article, you will see that it was his personal flash drive, not his work flash drive. Granted he still should have been more careful about what he put on it. But it was not company property, which also brings me to…

    @Queerty: Did YOU read the article? The porn was not a part of the actual presentation. They were in a different file and the PRINCIPAL who was working the computer and projector clicked on the WRONG FILE.

  • Jimmy Fury

    The real question is how long before this is picked up by psychotic christian groups and twisted into something about the Gay Agenda invading schools and showing kids porn to indoctrinate them into the cult…

    you KNOW it’ll happen. 20 bucks says Maggie Gallaghar (sp?) is already typing up a press release about it.

  • Bambam

    @ Jimmy Fury:

    Your on! Prono-Pete La-babble-ra probably has tracked down the name of the movie, actors, release date, and watched it to find the “most disturbing part”.

  • nineinchnail

    Proof that not all rednecks live in The South.

  • AdamA

    Hold up sec: Pittsburgh is a wonderful city that is, in my experience, pretty gay-friendly when compared to some nearby cities like Buffalo and Cleveland. Step 30 minutes outside, and yes, it’s Pennsyltucky. But the Burgh rocks. I was openly affectionate with my partner for years there and rarely encountered a problem. If I ever did, I was surrounded by supportive residents who had my back. Just want to get that out there amidst some of the above characterizations of one of America’s great towns.



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