P!nk Urges You: Come Out!


We’ve just received a press release from our sort-of friends over at Human Rights Campaign announcing that P!nk will be the celebrity face of this years National Coming Out day, October 11th.

As previously reported, this years theme is “Talk About It,” hence P!nk and the sign above. (Notice the PA in the background. Obviously HRC put loads of time into this campaign.)

As part of their campaign, HRC invites everyone to download the same sign and take a picture of themselves. A bit funny: taking a silent picture to “talk about it,” but whatever, anything to be like P!nk.

We find it appropriate that HRC picked P!nk to be their spokesperson this year. She’s just so lesbianic that it makes more sense than anything in the world. Plus, she has an exclamation point in her name, and nothing makes someone want to talk about being gay more than emphatically monikered celebs. Right?

Experience the magic of the entire release, after the jump.

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Grammy Award Winning Artist P!nk Helps to Launch National Coming Out Day Project

Human Rights Campaign’s “Project Snapshot” Encourages Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Allies to “Talk About It”

WASHINGTON – As the country looks to celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11, a day set aside every year to honor gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight Americans living openly and supporting equality, the Human Rights Campaign is proud to announce the participation of Grammy Award winning artist and international singer, P!nk.

P!nk will be featured in the Human Rights Campaign’s “Snapshot Photo Project”, an online public art project designed to encourage conversation about GLBT people’s lives, the issues confronting them, and how all Americans, GLBT or straight, can support equality and fairness.

Anyone can participate by downloading a “Talk About It” sign, and taking a digital picture of themselves with their sign along with friends, family, or co-workers – or anyone that supports equality for GLBT Americans. “Talk About It” is the 2006 National Coming Out Day theme by the Human Rights Campaign.

A high-resolution photo of P!nk accompanying this news release is available at: http://www.hrc.org/snap/celeb. Also available at http://www.hrc.org/snap/celeb are high-resolution photos of other Americans, including Star Trek star and openly gay actor George Takei who is a spokesman for the HRC Coming Out Project, Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese, Tony Villanueva, P!nk and Madonna‘s dresser.

“P!nk is one of millions of straight Americans who supports fairness and honesty for everyone – GLBT or straight,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “This project will show the faces of countless Americans who support openness over painful silence and isolation. Young people who are afraid to come out will see these pictures and faces and know that they are not alone.”

For more information on the Human Rights Campaign’s Coming Out Day Project please visit: www.hrc.org/comingout. To find out more information or to participate in the newly launched “Project Snapshot” go to: www.hrcsnapshot.org

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization with members throughout the country. It effectively lobbies Congress, provides campaign support, and educates the public to ensure that LGBT Americans can be open, honest, and safe at home, at work, and in the community.