Police Searching For Underwear Bandits Who Stripped During Restaurant Heist

Surveillance photo via tktk
Surveillance photo via WFLA

Police in South Florida are searching for a roving band of underwear-clad thieves who stripped naked during their early morning heist of a local burger joint Sunday.

According to WFLA, three men wearing only their tighty whities were captured on security cameras inside Doc’s Beach House in Bonita Springs around 3 a.m., rummaging through the kitchen in search of food.

Although police have not said whether the men were under the influence of marijuana, it’s not that hard to tell when someone’s got the munchies:

After roaming around the kitchen area, the men picked up a case of hamburgers and red bell peppers.

They then took off their underwear and walked around the kitchen nude.

Investigators think the men left the restaurant and walked to the beach toward the Collier County line, where red peppers were found on the beach a few hours later.

The admin running Doc’s Facebook page is clearly having a great time with the extra press. The company posted a call-to-action on Facebook this week asking anyone who “blacked out over the weekend and woke up with a case of tasty meats” to tag themselves in this photo:

Police are asking anyone who can identify the men in the video to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS, because this is really the type of crime Florida should be focusing on right now.