Politicos Take On Anti-Gay Naugle

Jim Naugle got the textual smack down after the Broward County commissioners sent him a letter blasting his anti-gay ways. The Fort Lauderdale mayor first caught our eye – and ire – after suggesting the city curb allegedly rampant public gay sex by installing $250,000 robo-toilets.

Gay activists went wild with anger and started the aptly named “Flush Naugle” campaign. As gay media and activists called for Naugle’s head, most of his political peers remained largely silent. Until now.

Broward County Mayor Josephus Eggelletion explains:

It gets as pretty close to a censure as you can get under the circumstances. Mayor Naugle’s comments were his comments and did not represent the county or the Convention & Visitors Bureau or, I believe, the sentiment of more than the majority of the citizens of Broward.

Eggelletion and his comrades apparently employed some pretty harsh language, such as “despicable” and “bigoted”. Too bad they didn’t use “fired”.

Speaking with the press yesterday, Naugle said he hadn’t received the Commissioners letters, but again showed no signs of politically correct remorse: “I have only spoken the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts but it needs to be said.” What a mensch.