POLL: Black Support For Marriage Equality Is Higher Than General Population, Which Is Still Very High

A new poll released by ABC and the Washington Post seems to confound the naysayers who claimed President Obama’s support for marriage equality would cost him dearly in the African-American community: 59% of black voters said they supported his stance, as compared to the still respectable 53% of the general population.

Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry, said in a statement:

“Not long ago, our opponents bragged that highlighting marriage in a campaign would win them votes.  But these results show, more clearly than ever before, that the wedge has lost its edge and that the momentum of open hearts and changing minds continues to favor those who favor the freedom to marry and getting America on the right side of history.

It’s particularly gratifying to see the growing support among African-Americans, who, like the President and the NAACP, understand that the Golden Rule and our nation’s civil rights commitment of liberty and justice for all really do apply to ‘all.’ “

Other highlights of the poll include:

  • The percentage of those who oppose the freedom to marry is at an all-time low, at 39% nationwide.
  • 58% of Independent voters support the freedom to marry; 43% do so “strongly.”
  • 69% of adults under 30 support the freedom to marry; 51% do so “strongly.”

This isn’t to say there hasn’t been some fallout from Obama’s marriage statement: Certainly the right is using it to galvanize its forces and raise campaign funds for Mitt Romney. And there are socially conservative Democrats who bristle at the idea of gay marriage (35% of them, according to Gallup). And someone keeps voting for these odious gay-marriage bans on the state level.

But, still, this is astounding news.