POLL: Half Of Illinois Supports Marriage Equality, Less Than A Third Oppose

marriage equality illinoisAs the Illinois House of Representatives considers a marriage-equality bill, a new poll indicates a majority of the state’s residents support same-sex marriage.

A Crain’s/Ipsos poll of 600 adults last week indicates 50% support the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would extend marriage to same-sex couples. What’s more, only 29% oppose it—meaning a full 20% of respondents having no opinion or feeling unsure about the issue.

That’s a lot of wiggle room.

Crain’s reports:

As expected, support is strongest in Chicago, with 56 percent backing passage. A majority of 52 percent of suburban residents supports approval, but support drops to a plurality of 48 percent downstate.

The online survey had an accuracy rate of plus or minus 4.7 percent statewide, with wider ranges for numbers specific to Chicago or its suburbs.

Strong constituent support for a measure doesn’t always translate into passage by lawmakers, but the survey also indicated those who endorse same-sex marriage feel stronger about it than those who oppose it: Of the 50% who favor passage statewide, 37% do so “strongly” and 13% “somewhat.” On the other side, only 19% “strongly oppose” the bill, and 10% do “somewhat.”

To find out how you can help make this bill a law, visit Illinois Unites For Marriage