POLL: Majority Of Minnesotans Oppose Legalizing Gay Marriage

minnesotamapJust five months after Minnesotans voted against a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, new poll numbers suggest they’re not quite ready to give their full blessing.

According to a poll of 800 Minnesotans, taken February 25-27, 53% say the state statute banning gay marriage should stand, while 38% say it should be overturned and 9% remain undecided.

Most of the opposition comes from outstate where 73% are against allowing same-sex couples the right to marry, compared to the Twin Cities area where 57% are in favor of gay marriage.

Minnesota House Speaker Paul Thissen was surprised by the results, which showed stronger opposition than in previous polls.

“There have been a number of polls on the issue. The trend in general is moving toward acceptance of marriage equality,” Thissen told the Star Tribune. “There will certainly be more conversation on this. Our members are talking to their constituents, which is more important than any poll.”