Beyoncé Is A “Grown Woman” In New Song, Justin Bieber Loses His Monkey & More!

prince-shorts– Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip may be a total babe, but these shorts are not charming. On anyone.

Beyoncé is a “Grown Woman” doing whatever she wants. And we’re obsessing over it.

Further proof Lucille Bluth is the best. The best what? We don’t understand the question and we won’t respond to it.

Justin Bieber‘s pet monkey Mally is now officially property of Germany. That monkey’s screwed.

– And that’s maybe why the Biebs got booed at the Billboard Music Awards, despite arguing that he was an “artist” that should be “taken seriously.”

Will Smith The Rapper was never that great, but he reminded us that his classic “Summertime” was.

Brad Pitt reflects on being a fuck-up.

– The stars of Lars Von Trier‘s latest mindfuck, Nymphomaniac will be engaging in some hardcore sex…or at least half of them will. Whose half is anyone’s guess.

Madonna continued her diva goodwill tour by hanging out backstage with Celine Dion at the Billboard Music Awards.


– Meanwhile on stage, Miguel dropkicked someone in the face after some hybrid crowd surf/crowd hurdle went horribly wrong.

– In other popstars-awkwardly-falling news, George Michael was apparently lucky he didn’t die last week after he fell out of a moving car at 70 mph.

– It’s YouTube Comedy Week, meaning you can look forward to a lot of crap from comedians you probably don’t care about. But hey, at least Sarah Silverman knows how to party: