Beckham Retires, The Wanted Dabble In Gay, Diddy Goes “Downton” On Thomas & More!


The Wanted’s Jay (don’t ask us to point out which one that is) joked that “most of us would probably have a dabble” in reference to the rainbow shade Lance Bass threw in their general (read: One) Direction.  The totally heterosexual one named Tom quickly added a “speak for yourself” — effectively doing so himself.

– Mad Men‘s John Slattery is directing Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks and irate male Philip Seymour Hoffman in a movie.

– The ACLU want Modern Family‘s Cam and Mitch to quit dicking around and put a ring on it already.


– That James Franco: such a bone head.

David Beckham‘s gotten too old to bend it like he used to and has decided to call it quits by retiring from soccer after this season.

– Julianne Moore‘s feet had a wardrobe malfunction at Cannes.


Super Morrissey, faster than a light that never goes out.

– The CW is still planningWonder Woman prequel dubbed Amazon. We doubt this is it.

– Surely, someone had to see this coming. Stephen Colbert must be so upset right now.

– Downton Diddy  features the unemployed millionaire formerly known as Sean Combs shutting shit down with the Dowager Countess and spreading some man-on-manservant love on Thomas:


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  • Homophile

    Don’t Mitch and Cam live in California? Would be kind of hard to get married in a state that doesn’t have marriage equality.

  • fredo777

    hahaha “oh, that was a little bitchy” “i love it here at downtown abbey…i hate it here at downtown abbey” “ooh, i knew you could walk!” “you, my good man, are a won-der-ful doctor…*you* ain’t shit” “in between these two white people”

    Diddy is a fool. Love him.

  • Ferris8

    Wouldn’t it be better to have “Mitch and Cam” split up and hook up with people who they might actually have sex with? Come on, those two have about as much sexual chemistry as two lumps of clay.

  • Dionte

    @fredo777: I enjoyed his performance, looking for that edition on amazon.

  • Yiannis

    Re: The Wanted: Jay is the one standing on the far left, while Tom is the one sitting in the far right. Thankfully. Jay is so attractive, while Tom is just a poser.

  • QuintoLover

    God they’re so freaking fake tanned! I just saw their appearance on Chasing The Saturdays (LOVE those girls, SO talented) and they were white as hell. Wtf happened?

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