Beckham Retires, The Wanted Dabble In Gay, Diddy Goes “Downton” On Thomas & More!


The Wanted’s Jay (don’t ask us to point out which one that is) joked that “most of us would probably have a dabble” in reference to the rainbow shade Lance Bass threw in their general (read: One) Direction.  The totally heterosexual one named Tom quickly added a “speak for yourself” — effectively doing so himself.

– Mad Men‘s John Slattery is directing Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks and irate male Philip Seymour Hoffman in a movie.

– The ACLU want Modern Family‘s Cam and Mitch to quit dicking around and put a ring on it already.


– That James Franco: such a bone head.

David Beckham‘s gotten too old to bend it like he used to and has decided to call it quits by retiring from soccer after this season.

– Julianne Moore‘s feet had a wardrobe malfunction at Cannes.


Super Morrissey, faster than a light that never goes out.

– The CW is still planningWonder Woman prequel dubbed Amazon. We doubt this is it.

– Surely, someone had to see this coming. Stephen Colbert must be so upset right now.

– Downton Diddy  features the unemployed millionaire formerly known as Sean Combs shutting shit down with the Dowager Countess and spreading some man-on-manservant love on Thomas:


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