Dolce & Gabbana Closing?, Miley Gets Naked For Marc Jacobs, Gaga Is The Richest Kid & More!



Miley Cyrus continues to shed her good girl image and her clothes, this time going the full Miley for fellow clothing-challenged individual Marc Jacobs.

– Despite canceling her tour due to a hip injury, Lady Gaga clawed her way back to the top of Forbes annual reminder of your youthful failures, the Top Earning Celebrities Under 30.

– In awesome casting news, His Fonzness Henry Winkler will guest star on Parks and Recreation as the father of brilliant trashbag Jean-Ralphio.

– Meanwhile, Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza does an impeccable Daria Morgendorffer in the faux trailer for Daria’s High School Reunion.

– In the rather unfashionable face of their tax woes, Dolce & Gabbana are reportedly closing up shop.


– According to BuzzFeed, Russian president Vladimir Putin doth protest too much.

– If there’s a god, Lisa Kudrow will make a comeback with The Comeback. We need to know that we’re being heard.

John Roberts of Bob’s Burgers and “My Son Is Gay” fame shticks it up with Margaret Cho in “Mommies in Hollywood”:

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