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Pope Benedict XVI Chooses To Ignore His Own Core Beliefs When It’s Convenient. (Gay Marriage Still Not Convenient)

During his four-day British visit, beginning Sept. 16, Pope Benedict XVI will violate his own steadfast rule against popes beatifying anybody by bringing Cardinal John Henry Newman, “the renowned 19th Century Anglican convert who greatly influenced the Roman Catholic Church,” one step closer to sainthood. Benedict believes popes should only canonize, not beatify, but is making an exception as he continues his campaign to traffic conservative Anglicans away from that gay-loving church and into the Roman Catholic fold. Where he’s not making any exceptions: gay marriage. On that point, Benedict yesterday told an audience at his summer residence where he welcomed Germany’s new Vatican representatives, the Church cannot support laws that “contribute to the weakening of the principles of natural law” and to “confusion about society’s values.” But he can support the rewriting of his own beliefs when it so fits? Got it.