Pope Joke Resurrects “Fascist” Law

The Pope obviously can’t take a joke.

Nor, it seems, can Italy’s Justice Ministry, for they’ve given the green light for prosecutors to use a fascist era law against comedienne Sabina Guzzanti, who recently took aim at his Holiness:

Guzzanti is accused of “offending the honour of the sacred and inviolable person” of Pope Benedict XVI.

The satirist and comedian, during a routine at a rally in Rome in July, condemned the Vatican‘s interference in issues such as gay rights.

“Within twenty years the Pope will be where he ought to be, in Hell, tormented by great big poofter devils — and very active ones, not passive ones,” she said.

Now the Rome prosecutor has been given permission to proceed against her under the 1929 Lateran Treaty.

The treaty, between the Vatican and the Italian government, was signed when fascist leader Benito Mussolini was in power.

It stipulated that an insult to the Pope carries the same penalty as an insult to the Italian President.

Even Guzzanti’s father, right-leaning MP Paolo Guzzanti, wagged a finger at the green light, saying “[This is] a return to the Middle Ages. Perhaps my daughter should be be submitted to the judgment of God by being made to walk on hot coals.”

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  • tallskin

    Italy is fucked by having the Poop there. He constantly interferes in Italian politics and no italian politician dare confess to being an atheist. Grrrrr

    If I were Italian PM I would order the vatican out of Italy once and for all – or wait till the Poop is on some world tour then march troops into the vatican state, tear up the Mussolini era concordat and declare the vatican to be now part of Italy.

  • Chris

    Errr… seriously? Someone thinks this is a good idea?

  • Jennifer

    With Berlusconi back in power, what does anyone expect, but fascism? The man is fingerprinting Rom (even children). He is actively blaming immigrants for “increased rates of crime” (he should really be looking in Parliament, if he wants to catch criminals).

    The man and his Justice Minister kiss Papal ass every time they get a chance. These two fascist pigs from the 7th Circle of Hell deserve each other.

  • Bill Perdue

    How odd, yet another connection between Ratzinger, who joined the HitlerJugend well before it was necessary, and fascism. If this keeps up people are going to suspect that something’s going on here.

    Kevin Spicer’s new book “Hitler’s Priests” is out and it convincingly documents the deep interpenetration of the catholic cult and fascism. It’s well worth the price. Spicer was interviewed by Michelangelo Signorile on his radio program a day or two ago and the man is on top of this question.

  • Powerboy

    Facist pigs! The Hitler youth hate-monger Pope is going to hell! The Hitler youth hate-monger Pope is going to hell! The Hitler youth hate-monger Pope is going to hell! Come and get me nah nah nah!!! At least we can still say what we want over here… for now. Obama 08!

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    Hey! Buddy! Nice dress but your purse is on fire.

  • DairyQueen

    What a fucking baby. He is one of the most powerful religious leaders in the world. I can’t believe he is insulted by one man. He is an ashhole. I hope he does go to “hell” and get his cornhole pounded forcefully by the many queers he has condemn to “hell”. FUCK YOU POPE!!!

  • Darth Paul

    Jennifer is funny.

  • Jack

    ‘Perhaps my daughter should be be submitted to the judgment of God by being made to walk on hot coals..’

    Don’t give them any ideas…cos they’ll do it, y’know.

  • Tim

    Ratzinger: Once a Nazi, always a Nazi.

  • BobP

    Pope Eggs Benedict the Nazi is so funny. He parades around in his red pumps and his little ermine trimmed chapeau like a little doll.
    It’s amazing that he has the balls to show his face in public seeing as how he is the leader of the largest and oldest pedofile ring in the history of the world.
    So dainty, too.

  • Charley

    The burnt gall bladder is ready now your holiness. Leviticus 4-3

  • mark

    A Nazi fat f*cktard in a white dress with too much jewelry, as his ass gets wiped with ermine wraps. In Red PRADA pumps. He was the to-go-for-guy to HIDE all the pedofile priests for a DECADE, and STILL attempts to block court cases globaly against altar boy f*ckers.

    Yeah give me all your spiritual insight, it must almost fill half a thimble.

  • mark

    the Italian Cardinals only agreed to this old relic, because they thought he’d croak soon…so die already

  • michael

    Italy is about as fucked up as the United States is. Religious fascists
    rule everything and their president is an idiot like ours. I guess its good because otherwise we would be a lone cowboy in the western world.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    The Roman Catholic Church.

    The biggest hoax every perpetrated on mankind.

    A scourge of the nth magnitude.

    Imagine a Post Christian Era.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    I loved this quote from a blog following an article about this farce.

    “Offensive and hateful people need to be free to express themselves so we may better recognize them for what they are.

    Professor Gas, Pleasant Hill, USA”

    Here is the link to the full story.


  • Distingué Traces

    Fuck you, Ratzinger, you venomous, bloated spider.

  • Keith

    Going after a comedian and just today it’s in the new a catholic priest in the states was busted for selling cocaine out of his rectory! Get your priorities straight, popey.

  • Little One

    @ No. 6 · Bill Perdue who said ‘How odd, yet another connection between Ratzinger, who joined the HitlerJugend well before it was necessary,’

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Popo Ratzinger is a crypto Khazar(Berber?) of Zionist leanings! He is a non-semitic Jew! The Hitler youth story is just a perfect alibi.

    Ask Rockefeller and Rothschild, they are related to this piece of excrement.

    BTW. Christianity is Judaism for non-Jews!

  • Gianpiero

    Popes in hell? Nothing that Dante didn’t say (and much better) 700 years ago…

    io userei parole ancor più gravi;
    ché la vostra avarizia il mondo attrista,
    calcando i buoni e sollevando i pravi. (Inf. XIX:103-105)

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