Population With Marriage Equality About To Double

Oh, so this is what it looks like to be on the winning team! By the time 2013 is over, we’ll have seen the biggest-ever one-year jump in the population with marriage equality than ever before.

January of 2013 dawned with just 57 million people living in states with equality. (Also with that whole Manti Te’o thing still unfolding. How crazy was that?)

And now here we are, 11 months later, and we’re about to hit 114 million in states where marriage has passed. And we could pick up New Mexico by the end of the year. At this rate, we’ll have marriage in every state by 2020, and then we’ll have to start annexing new states just to keep up with the rate of growth.

California takes up a large chunk of that surge, of course. But Hawaii and Illinois are in there, too. Hawaii’s marriages start on December 2, and they’ll start sometime next year in Illinois.

It’s already looking good for picking up more states in 2014. Idaho has a brand new lawsuit, and Ohio just gathered enough signatures for a vote next November. See you at the altar!

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Matt, you’re my favorite news reporter and I’d say you’re pretty darn accurate regarding the national marriage equality rate, but I still think it can be done in <3 years with the proper lawsuits. All it takes is a couple of lawsuits in each state…. Of course, then we have those recalcitrant Southern "adopted" States….

  • AuntieChrist

    What’s a girl to do? I cannot convince my not legal husband of 24 years to even consider suing Oklahoma for our right to marry. We both know that there is no way voters here would EVER approve a marriage equality bill. Over 70 percent of the people here voted for Romney. Why not marry in another state you say??? Why I ask, should I have to? Hawaii stands to gain 217 million in revenue over the next three years but I don’t see ANYONE flocking to Oklahomo to get married EVER.

  • rextrek

    Auntie Christ – you got that right …Ok will NOT be a state people flock too – period. Between the crazee Rightwing LOONS running the state, and the Rightwing loons living there…..yep, you wont see people ever flocking to Oklahoma….matter of fact, my brothers daughter n law and her husband couldnt wait to move OUT of there, which they just did 3 months ago.

  • Cam

    As a side note since apparently nobody wants to report on a successful boycott…

    Ender’s game is down to #7 of the top ten movies after last weekend. After 3 weeks it STILL hasn’t matched what Gravity did it’s first weekend.
    The movie that just came out, “Best Man holiday” made more money it’s first weekend than Ender’s did with almost no promotion.
    Enders is also being beaten by “Bad Grampa” which as been out longer than it.
    Enders is even getting beaten by “Last Vegas” which has been out just as long, AND is still being beaten by “Gravity which has been out over 7 weeks, so more than twice as long. I really think the boycott wounded the heck out of it considering it’s been out almost a month and hasn’t even made back HALF of it’s filming budget, and that doesn’t even count the massive PR budget.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Mississippi and Tennessee to pass gay marriage by 2020??? Hahaha. Try the year 4020 if it were up to them, and even by that time I’d doubt it.

    Now, the Federal Govt. They may pass it by then instead of the states, and even then MS and TN will go kicking, screaming, clawing, spitting, hissing…

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