Robert Pattinson To Mine Dali's Homo History

‘Potter’ Actor Playing Gay

Robert Pattinson will be getting gay for a new role. The Harry Potter actor has signed on to Paul Morrison’s Little Ashes, which tells of artist Salvadore Dali’s alleged gay affairs.

The 21-year-old British-born actor is set to star in a “racy” and “sexy” movie about the supposedly gay affairs of Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The film, named Little Ashes after one of Dali’s paintings, is being directed by Paul Morrison, whose credits include the 2000 Oscar nominee, Solomon and Gaenor.

British screenwriter Philippa Goslett’s film, currently in production and expected to be released in 2009, follows the intense relationship that supposedly developed in 1920s Madrid between a young Dali, Spanish dramatist and poet Federico Garcia Lorca and Surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel. Spanish actor Javier Beltran will play Lorca while Matthew McNulty will take on the role of Bunuel.

Dali repeatedly denied the affairs, but Goslett’s research suggests otherwise: the men loved one another, but could never seal the deal. Why? Dali found gay sex to be a pain in the ass.