Poz Man On Trial For Unsafe Sex

An HIV positive Australian homo remains in hot water after knowingly having unprotected sex with multiple strangers.

Forty-nine year old Michael Neal had been instructed by the Department of Human Resources to inform all of his partners of his HIV status, but the hardheaded Neal simply refused and admitted to hitting up sex clubs sans condoms. The DHS repeatedly told Neal to report to them about his sexual antics, a request with which Neal didn’t comply. According to testimony in the ongoing trial, Neal wasn’t simply unsafe – he was malicious:

[Neal] organised sex parties and wore a genital piercing to deliberately spread the virus to other men, a jury has been told.

One man who allegedly contracted HIV from Mr Neal said he told him the piercing made it easier to transmit the virus, the jury heard.

Another alleged partner told police Mr Neal said he found HIV-negative men on the internet and lured them using drugs, the court heard.

Neal now faces 34 charges, including knowingly infecting two people with HIV and attempting to infect 14 other men.