“Pregnan Man” Thomas Beatie Wins Sole Custody Of Children

An Arizona judge has ruled that Thomas Beatie, the so-called “pregnant man” will continue to have sole custody of his three children. His estranged wife, Nancy, will get only supervised visits.

”The Court’s decision today reinforces our argument that the Mother’s domestic violence and substance abuse pose a serious danger to the children, whereas Mr Beatie’s transgender status does not.” explained Beatie’s lawyer, David Cantor.

Thomas—who gained notoriety when he became pregnant after transitioning from female to male—said he hoped Nancy “continues to seek treatment and that, in time, she will be able to effectively parent.”


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  • Eldred

    Type in the articles headline. “Pregnant Man”.

  • Eldred

    @Eldred: Typo* LOL.

  • Oh, ok

    This again…

  • jabaroo

    Irrelevant to both gays and trans. He’s just an attention whore.

  • harold osler

    How many times do we have to hear this? “He” did not become pregnant after transitioning–she never finished. Or else there wouldn’t have been a pregnancy.

  • Jabaroo

    @harold osler: Gender is not so black and white.

  • Mick

    *Yawn* When will this media whore STFU? Nobody cares about him/her and the way he/she wanted to sell out his kid to the media for the highest price shows where his/her priorities are both for him/her and her/his kid.

  • James

    @Jabaroo: – but biologically, in the human species, the FEMALE is the one that gives birth. I’d like to see a man give birth.

  • Jabaroo

    @James: granted, it is a bit strange. I cant understand why any man, trans or not, would want to give birth. I suppose they just wanted to have a child biologically.

  • Cam

    So basically he was so worried about being an attention whore that he didn’t seem to care that he was continually bringing children into an abusive domestic situation.


  • Tim

    You’re not a MAN if you still have a birth canal VAGINA!!!!

  • Wes

    @ tim

    i hate your kind. I guess you also strictly have sex with women because the genitals between your legs automatically dictate you should do so which is the biologically correct way of doing so right? You know, because queers don’t behave in accordance to their genitals now do they? How is that different from a trans person. You strip them from their sense of identity because it doesn’t match up with the genitals.

    You hero.

  • Cam


    You sound like those folks who say that it isn’t a real marriage unless it’s a man or a woman.

  • MJ

    remember that whole gay community and prejudice thing I was talking about before? Oh wait everyone ignored that. I don’t know who sounds more evil; you guys or the women who commented on the huffington post article completely ignoring what the article was about and going off about how he’s still a woman because he had birth. WHATEVER!!!

    hell, had decided to keep his “whatever women have” because Nancy couldn’t give birth. don’t ask me why but apparently so transmen do that. after baby #3, he’s completed his transition so it’s over. but can we talk about the domestic abuse issue now?

  • Ethan

    Silly transphobic gay men – just go away. No one likes you

  • Oh, ok

    Why does it make you transphobic if you don’t care about sensationalist media-whore Thomas Beatie?

    Some of you are seriously fishing for something to be mad about. Most of us were tired of him from the beginning with the whole “Pregnant Man” nonsense. He made himself a sideshow and it has nothing to do with him being trans.

  • BPM

    @Oh, ok: I don’t believe anyone was accused of being transphobic for not giving a crap about Beatie. However, saying that he’s not a man, as some of the comments here have clearly stated, is absolutely transphobic. End of story. Many transmen do not have “bottom surgery,” or, even if they do, do not have a complete hysterectomy. This is one of the many differences between people who are transgender and those who are transsexual. It is also a misconception that transmen cannot become pregnant, and happens more often that one might think. These facts alone do not, however, make someone less of a man. That is unless, of course, you are transphobic.

  • Oh, ok

    @BPM: He was a woman when he gave birth so the sensational new story just irritates people.

    It’s the twisting of information and ignoring facts that bothers people. Men cannot get pregnant. Women can. Fact of life.

    A trans-man getting pregnant does not mean that it’s ok to run the headline “Pregnant Man” because it plays on people believing that scientists have discovered a way for men to get pregnant or that someone who was born a man got pregnant.

    You should be offended by Beatie and not the people irritated by him. Beatie is the one who makes transgender issues seem trivial. How can you say “I was born in the wrong body.” in one breath and then sell a sensationalist story to newspapers and magazines that says “I’m ok with being a woman and having female anatomy.”?

    MEN DO NOT AND CANNOT GET PRENANT NOR CAN WE GIVE BIRTH. I’ve read many tragic stories of trans men and women killing themselves because they hate their body. Here’s Beatie toying with his and making a joke of it.

    You’re mad at these commenters? …Ok.

  • Daez

    Where most of you are mistaken is that you honestly believe that Beatie has ANY control over the headlines what-so-ever. The vast majority of articles, especially sensationalized articles such as this, are constructed by reporters and not by the person who is the actual subject of the story.

  • Oh, ok

    @Daez: He’s the one who sold the story in the first place. All this drama and sensationalism made him rich.

    Newspapers don’t go looking for you, you call them.

  • Daez

    @Oh, ok: I do not agree at all. Newspapers often go looking for their stories. Especially local newspapers, and national news organizations often follow local news stories that are interesting to get their stories. What do you think investigative journalism is, a bunch of people and places calling reporters to give them their stories?

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    “Thomas—who gained notoriety when he became pregnant after transitioning from female to male—”

    Why not just write the story to minimize all the “he didn’t transition because there’s a vagina” topic? Or better yet, to provide a different way of thinking, one that’s getting more widely accepted.

    It’s not “common knowledge” or even maybe not widely accepted that transition can mean just taking hormones and not going any further, or any permutation including complete SRS.

    Quote the article correctly with the more important fact:

    He did not get SRS until recently but you can still be legally transgender without it. And you can still have a court decree without SRS.

    “Mr. Beatie made headline news in 2008 as the world’s first married pregnant man after being legally recognized as a man in 2002.”

    “Mr. Beatie is thrilled that this Court has recognized that a transgender marriage is a valid marriage under Arizona law.” continues Mr. Cantor, “Hopefully, this case will help pave the way for other State’s valid marriages to be recognized in the divorce courts of Arizona.”

    He met the criteria required by the state in order for the sex marker on official documents to be changed years before SRS (that he just completely recently).

    So, IMO, while it’s harder to write, and you have to be careful that it’s not confusing, it would have been more helpful to explain it more, and avoid all the “he has a vagina so he’s not trans” way of thinking.

    You’re never going to change everyone’s minds on what constitutes a change in gender but the facts about gender court decisions would at least make a person’s legal status incontrovertible and be a bit more supportive of trans people, if that’s the position you’re taking.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    I believe he announced it by writing a piece in The Advocate then went on Oprah.

    My impression is that after living as a man in family in a neighborhood he probably felt it was going to be a big thing anyway once he passed the 5 month mark, so instead of moving and shaving temporarily, he chose to make it public.


    “Outside the local medical community, people don’t know I’m five months’ pregnant. But our situation ultimately will ask everyone to embrace the gamut of human possibility and to define for themselves what is normal.”

  • John

    @jabaroo: You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Oh, ok

    @Daez: So they know what average joes are doing round the clock? You really believe that?

    The attention whore SOLD the story. Get it through your skull.

    He’s made a ton of money from interviews, that was the whole point. There was no other reason to do this.

    It did nothing positive, it changed nothing in the world, it was to make money while the iron was hot based on a lie.

  • reality

    If you are a female who transitions to being a male, I support you and I will treat you as a male. However, if you are attracted to females, you’re heterosexual.

    Why as a gay man should I be concerned with you?

  • Dave

    Oh OK is correct.

    Beatie is nothing but a media whore and always has been. There have been other FTM who had kids but they did not go on Oprah, or try to sell pictures of their kids to People magazine and other mags/newspapers to the highest buyer.

  • Madd Maxx

    If this “man” was pregnant, then I assume it was his “wife” who fertilized “his” eggs with “her” sperm. And that’s just fucked up, plain and simple, no matter how you spin it.

  • Drew

    I agree with Oh OK:

    Why does it make you transphobic if you don’t care about sensationalist media-whore Thomas Beatie?

    Some of you are seriously fishing for something to be mad about. Most of us were tired of him from the beginning with the whole “Pregnant Man” nonsense. He made himself a sideshow and it has nothing to do with him being trans.

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