Pride Parade Goes On In Split, Croatia Without Violence

The next time you think you are so over Pride celebrations, remember places like Split, Croatia, where helicopters and hundreds of riot police had to be deployed on Saturday to protect paraders marching in support of LGBT rights despite from threats of violence by anti-gay forces.

Several hundred participants bravely gathered in the city, carrying rainbow flags and banners that read slogans like “We are all equal” and “Gay is OK.” Croatia is currently petitioning to join the European Union, and several government ministers had joined in the event.

Thankfully there were no major incidents reported, though 40 counterprotestors were detained. Croatian authorities promised to secure the event as a sign of the nation’s commitment to civil liberties and freedom of expression. In 2011, marchers faces Molotov cocktails and thrown bottles and rocks from anti-gay mobs.

Photo: Split Pride


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