Product (RED) Launches Digital Music Magazine

U2, Jay-Z, Coldplay, John Legend, Dixie Chicks, The Killers & Elton John, The Police & Elvis Costello, Death Cab for Cutie and Sheryl Crow are among the artists releasing exclusive songs today to celebrate the launch of (RED) Wire, a digital music magazine that debuts its first issue Dec. 10th. You can catch the new cuts and videos at

The magazine features exclusive tracks from major label artists as well as cuts of new and emerging musicians and will integrate with social networking services to provide custom recommendations. Half of the $5 monthly fee goes directly to the Global Fund ( to fight AIDS in Africa. (RED) Wire justifies its existence in a press release saying:

“Those who purchase (RED)WIRE memberships at will be able to download a special custom player that allows them to experience each issue in an immersive, visual, magazine-like interface. For $5 a month, members will receive a weekly digital music offering including an exclusive song from a major artist, a song from an up-and-coming artist, and a special piece of varied content (such as a digital short film, photography or a reading from an artist or actor) as well as a window about the impact (RED) dollars have in Africa. All (RED)WIRE content is DRM-free and can be burned to a CD and played on any device.

Applying the (RED) idea to music, (RED)WIRE will help buy life-saving medicine and other services for those living with HIV in Africa. Half of each month’s membership fee will be contributed directly to the Global Fund, who will in turn ensure that every cent of this money is invested in HIV and AIDS programs in Africa. Just five members will generate enough money, each month, to buy antiretroviral medicine for one person living with HIV in Africa. (RED)WIRE also creates a new revenue stream for artists and labels and a new way for consumers to discover new music.”

(RED) has raised over $115 million for The Global Fund, through partners like MSN, American Express and Starbucks, which is donating 5 cents of every cup of coffee sold today to the Global Fund.