Project Runway Recap: Sugar Highs and Cavities

It’s unconventional materials week on Project Runway! For this challenge, the designers ventured into a location I would never dare: Dylan’s Candy Bar. Just to clarify, the material they had to use was candy—not diabetic tourists. The guest judge was the owner and president of the store, Dylan Lauren, who’s also the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren.

Anyway, here are 14 designs made of candy—and one out of an umbrella.


Gunnar (Top 3)
In the faux-feud between Gunnar and Christopher, I’m firmly on Team Christopher, and this dress is no exception. Or maybe a checkered whatever with an awkward stomach ruffle is beautiful, and I’m just blinded by Gunnar’s bitchiness.

Am I allowed to hate this? I am? Good. It’s settled; I’m hating this.



Sonjia (Top 3 & Queerty fave)
Girl, we told you to take inspiration from that blue hair of yours, and you’ve gone done and did it. This wave of fabulousness washes away whatever forgettable thing you did last week. Love. Love. Love.



Is this going to be a thing? Am I going to have to come up with a “Melissa used black fabric” joke every week? Because this looks like something I’d find tagged as “emo” on deviantART.



The model looks like she had to hold the dress up the entire time. I guess this happens when your skirt weights “literally twenty pounds.” Note to self: never made a dress that weighs more than the person wearing it (badum-CHING!).



Andrea Katz
I’ve never had a candy button; every time I see them, all I can think of is “why is there a piece of paper I can’t eat?” Seriously, just put the buttons in a box. Okay, boxes are made of paper, but still—I’m outraged by candy buttons! Outraged! This apron dress outraged me for a different reason: It’s boring. And it has a “1” on it for for no reason.



She originally described these as overall-inspired, but really it just looks like Flubber had an accident down the front.



Elena (Bottom 3)
Why was it so hard to create this dress when it’s exactly what you did last week? Changing the color does not count. Sure, you “burned” your leg with some hot glue (which I have repeatedly done and did not require medical attention), but if more of that glue made it onto the dress, half the Twizzlers you used wouldn’t have fallen off.  It would have been a lesser type of Twizzler-tastophy—a Twizz-aster?



Eh. Ugh. Meh. Eh. Blah. Eh? Eh! Nah. Eh…



I’m just waiting for the day when Dmitry produces a robot programmed to destroy Project Runway, with laser eyes that immediately behead Heidi and Nina. Just before it finishes Michael Kors, though, Tim Gunn rushes in with a pair of bedazzled scissors and cuts its power source. For now, Dmitry is making nice dresses.



Kooan clearly didn’t learn from Austin Scarlett’s mistake: Perishable foods will screw you over every time.  Using cotton candy as one of his materials, he was stunned—stunned—to learn the stuff deflates and turns into “fluorescent bird dookie.” Whatever. Most everything Kooan makes looks like it wandered out of a candy store anyway.



I continue to like Christopher as a person and a designer. This dress is well done but not magnificent. Solid, especially considering he had immunity this week.



These sour strips are basically candy fabric, so I’m not impressed. Sorry not sorry.



Buffi (Bottom 2)
While the woven bodice could have been a decent a starting place, Buffi should have known it’s impossible to beat Korto’s woven coat from Season Five. Don’t try it, girl. Korto will forever own all woven things.

Side note: whenever I hear about a child being successful in beauty pageants, this is how I assume she’ll dress later in life.



Lantie (out)
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Lantie about her finished garment. Yup. I’d also use that to describe some of the dreams I’ve had after a $5 bottle of  wine. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.


Ven (Winner)
This designer has a terrible case of verbal Ambien. Whatever comes out of his mouth, it’s in the tone of, “I just ate half of an ‘okay’ ham sandwich.” I don’t care how many FIT awards Ven won in college—I just can’t support him as a character.

And look, it’s another rose dress.



Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer to Queerty. His candy dress would be made out yellow Starburst so he wouldn’t eat it.