Puerto Rico Passes Historic LGBT Rights Bills

padillaYesterday, Governor Alejandro García Padilla (this handsome fella to the right) signed two landmark bills that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation and include same-sex couples under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law.

“The dignity of being a human being is inviolable because we are all the same and we must be equal under the law,” Gov. Padilla said.  “Today is a great day for Puerto Rico. I feel that I have fulfilled my duty as a Christian to sign these laws.”

According to the AP the original anti-discrimination bill would have also banned discrimination in commercial transactions, property rentals, public transportation and other circumstances but those clauses were removed due to opposition by religious groups.

Still, the two pieces of legislation are a huge step forward for the commonwealth, which earlier this year upheld its ban on gay adoption, to Ricky Martin‘s chagrin.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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