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Gay Aussies Hope To Ride The Pole To Victory

Ah, the pole. Once the sole domain of strippers, go-go boys and those that best fall under the category “drunk trash.” But no more! Pole dancing has become an athletic endeavor not for the faint of heart nor the lacking of upper body strength, as evinced by Australia’s Pure Pole Studs.

Joe My God reported on a story appearing in Australia’s Courier & Mail about three “muscle men taking pole dancing to another level.” And that level is surprisingly not the gutter.

The trio of Travis Scott (left), Luke Quadrio (middle) and Chris Talbot (right) form the team, Pure Pole Studs. They’re hoping to bring their love of the pole to the winner’s circle for the dance competition show, Everybody Dance Now, hosted by Aussie model Sarah Murdoch and featuring dance-floor ingniters Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo.

“I’ve been trying to bring this sport away from adult night clubs and we want to put it out there that men can do pole dancing too — we know it’s physically demanding,” Scott told the Courier & Mail. “Some are a little hesitant at first but when they see what we do they like it,” he added. “More men are coming to the forefront wanting to try pole dancing. It doesn’t matter about your sexuality — Chris and I are partners and we love what we do.”

The winners of Everybody Dance Now take home $250,000 but considering the Pure Pole Studs perform shirtless, we’re all winners! Here’s a clip of the studs in action, sadly not set to “Rack City”:

Photo: Pure Pole Studs Facebook Page