Put One Direction All Over Your Face With Their Brand New Cosmetic Line!

One-Direction-Nail-PolishThe adorable men of One Direction have long been vocal about how much they love their fans, so naturally, they want to be a part of your everyday life. From backpacks to notepads, lunch boxes to fragrances, they’ve put out enough products to ensure that you’ll never go a minute without showing your 1D love.

This week, the boys announced a brand new collection of 1D products that you can put in the one place you’ve always wanted to feel them: All over your face.

Teaming up with London-based cosmetics brand MUA, the band has launched “Little Things,” a brand new line of signature cosmetics including lipstick, lip gloss, blush, and nail polish inspired by their favorite colors and flavors, all branded with adorable photos of their faces. The line is supposedly targeted at their “female fan base,” but obviously, these shades will look just as amazing on your boyish lips.

According to a woman, the “must-have” products will be among the “scented lip polishes,” each delightfully named after your favorite member—“Harry loves Strawberry,” “Zayn loves Watermelon,” “Louis loves Vanilla,” “Niall loves Cherry,” and “Liam loves Blueberry.” These names aren’t the most accurate—Louis is far from vanilla—but whatever.

Each of these products will set you back a cool $5, but don’t think you absolutely need this makeup to look great, because girl…