When “Q” Stands For “Questioning,” Things Get Tricky


While the diverse rainbow lettering of our community seems to be growing by the day, LGBTQ is a fairly stable standard bearer.

We even have a sister site named LGBTQNation, so you know it’s serious.

But one of those letters has split personalities. We usually think of the “Q” for queer, but it can also mean questioning, something most of us were at one point in our lives.

Questioning is a challenging place to be; it is by very definition uncertain.

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper who fall in that camp.

Here’s how they’re getting along:


I often think I

I hate questioning my sexuality. I wish my brain could just determine what is definite for me, so I can find happiness.


Sometimes I think I might be gay, How that makes me feel conflicts with what I think are my beliefs

My biggest problem right now is that I

Sometimes I think I

I think I

I thought after I came out as gay I

I am almost certain I

I think I

After I came out as gay I began questioning my sexuality all over again. I thought I knew myself and what I really wanted; I guess I don

I came out as bi but now I


I can honestly say, I

Okay... I think I