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Queer Coppers Forced Out In Chile?

It’s a case of first degree discrimination down in Chile, where two coppers say they were forced to quit after colleagues found out they’re gay lovers.

The two policemen, Victor Rivas and Armando Salgado, say superior officers threatened to out them unless they signed resignation forms. Police authorities, in contrast, claim the two resigned voluntarily.

The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom (MOVILH), Chile’s leading pro gay rights group, described the case as an example of “brutal discrimination.”

“Here you have two [coppers who were forced to quit their jobs just because they’re gay. It’s brutal discrimination,” said MOVILH President Rolando Jiménez. “We have proven evidence of similar cases in the past and we know that the Carabineros internal investigative branch has looked into presumed homosexuality among officers, treating such sexual orientation as a crime.”

Jiménez and his allies have already held talks with police officials and plan on discussing the matter with President Michelle Bachelet.

MOVILH also took on coppers in February, when two men said cops verbally abused them for cuddling in public. One officer allegedly said they weren’t born, but were shat: “You are the scum of society You two weren’t born, your mothers shit you out.” Charming.