Queerty Query: Brendan Lemon

Queerty spoke with Brendan Lemon, editor-in-chief of the indispensable Out magazine. At one time the cultural editor of The New Yorker, Brendan is also a writer; his novel Last Night engrossingly details the love affair between a Cuban and an American man caught up in ambiguities of justice.

Can you give us a sneak peek at upcoming Out feature articles?

Brendan Lemon

November will be our Home issue, concentrating on gay designers. We also will be running a most interesting piece on gay nudists. December, of course, is the Out 100 issue, featuring our list of the 100 most notable lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexual people of the year.

Do you see gay-interest books and/or films ahead of the public, and if so, which upcoming ones have especially impressed you?

Capote is currently in cinemas; Philip Seymour Hoffman’s portrayal is phenomenal. Brokeback Mountain, which I believe will be released in December, is a very, very good movie. Unlike most Hollywood films, it does not sugarcoat the gay aspects of the story. It’s honest and complete in its treatment of the gay relationship between the two protagonists.

Your September letter from the editor acknowledges that homophobia has more severe consequences in Iran than in the U.S., but highlights the need for greater international tolerance of gays. What imaginable steps could lead to that increased international tolerance?

It’s a question of leadership, really. The day when heads of state and leaders of such organizations as the United Nations are more sensitive to the persecutions homosexuals face will be a fine day indeed. I certainly wish the U.S. had better leadership in this field than we do.

Do you have any favorite gay-owned and operated clubs?

Eye Candy in West Hollywood is a combination restaurant and club that I like a lot.

What are the most satisfying aspects of being editor-in-chief of Out?

It is both interesting and fun to put up a website and magazine reflecting various aspects of the gay experience. In addition to entertaining our readers, I find it satisfying that I get them to think in new ways.

Brendan also led us to information about upcoming Out-sponsored events, which include a Lesbian Travel Expo in Montreal, the Advocate Golf Classic and the December Heat Event in L.A.