Queerty Wish List: Jonny McGovern

To celebrate the holidays, Queerty is playing Santa to all your favorite folks and asking what they want under the tree/ next to the menorah/ beside the Saturnalia bonfire this year, no Ms. America answers allowed.

While watching True Blood this season, did anyone else notice how the song that Lafayette makes Jason Stackhouse dance to wearing only tightey-whities and a Laura Bush mask is Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern‘s hit “Soccer Practice”? That song is just never going to die. Besides collecting residuals from HBO, McGovern is a podcaster, singer and stand-up comedian (you may remember him from Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show). He recently did a parody of Queerty’s favoritest song of all time, “Single Ladies” called “Tranny Ladies (Put Some More Duct Tape On It)” and despite the whole “gay pimp” persona, Jonny’s one of the nicest folks we know.

What does the guy who coined the phrase “Girl I fucked Yo’ Boyfriend” want for the holidays? Find out after the jump.

“For Xmas I’d like Martha Wash to come a a’carolin at my door and scream all my favorite Christmas carols to me. That would be a slice of black diva heaven!”