Queerty Wish List: Sarah Schulman

To celebrate the holidays, Queerty is playing Santa to all your favorite folks and asking what they want under the tree/ next to the menorah/ beside the Saturnalia bonfire this year, no Ms. America answers allowed.

As a reporter for The Village Voice, Sarah Schulman was one of the first to report on the AIDS crisis when it struck New York City in the early 80s and she remains a prolific author of plays, novels and screenplays. Her many, many works include The Child, Rat Bohemia, the nonfiction works Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS and the Marketing of Gay America and My American History: Lesbian and Gay Life During the Reagan/Bush Years. She also claims that RENT author Jonathan Larson used her work to create the gay plot in the musical without giving her credit.

So what do you get the girl who’s seen it all? Find out after the jump.

“What I really need and want are very hard to find. But in terms of the possible: Sheila Rowbotham’s biography of Edward Carpenter, and the complete John Cassavettes DVD set plus the rest of his films on DVD like my favorite, Love Streams. Otherwise I could use a new sweater.”