QUESTION: Aaron Rodgers — Innocent Gay Gossip Or Homosexual Witch Hunt?


In case you’re still getting over that New Year’s hangover and haven’t been online, this past week has been ALL about rumors of the potential gayness of hunky Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Fame Driven reported on some online hints and shenanigans by his “personal assistant” Kevin Lanflisi, the news was picked up by several mainstream outlets, and got so intense that Rodgers was pretty much forced to “come out” as straight.

Gay gossip is fun, but at some point it can cross the line into a witch hunt that perverts the message of positivity and empowerment that coming out is supposed to represent.

So we pose the query to you, Queerty readers:

Was Aaron Rodgersgate simply a matter of innocent gay gossip or a homosexual witch hunt?