QUESTION: Should The LGBT Community Demand More From Our Allies?

ally-image-2We go to their concerts, buy their music, watch them clash with other Real Housewives, and drool over every shirtless video they release, but what have our “allies” done for us lately?

As Alec Baldwin showed us last week, some are only a mild frustration away from becoming f-bomb-dropping homophobes.

One almost expects a Bravo reality star to ride in a float during a pride parade or show face at a glitzy gala. And while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis cash checks and gay bars across the country are filled to the gills with aspiring pop divas who so desperately want to be the next Big Gay Thing, we pose the question to you Queerty readers:

Should The LGBT Community Demand More From Our Allies?  

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  • Pistolo

    What about Eminem? Why is it all about Alec Baldwin? I hate what Alec said but I’m much less convinced he’s actually homophobic but Eminem, on the other hand, is pretty unapologetic about his use of the word. EMINEM deserves this crucifixion.

  • jwrappaport

    To borrow from Doug Wright, I would demand that they stop caring more about their pay and take-home income than our right to live as legal and social equals. In short, if you use your vote, money, or time to help a candidate who would further our inequality, you are not my ally, and you are certainly not my friend.

    Also, unless you’re a hot, dom top, stop using the “F” word.

  • DCFarmboi

    If you are referring to people in the entertainment industry, we expect them not to be jerks or bigots. But please, Please, PLEASE do not suggest that we need their profound and deep wisdom in developing our political agenda or public policy positions. God save us!

  • Sparkyu1

    How about “expect something” rather than “expect more”?

    I’m tired of people being held up as gay icons because they *gasp* acknowledge we exist and don’t hate us! Because they wants us to buy their music? Because they want to cash in on marketing to us? Because they include us in an advert? Because they say a little nice thing?

    None of these are bad things (except for people like Katy Perry dropping homophobic lyrics then trying to cash in as an icon) per se – but they’re basic minimal standards of humanity. They’re barely civil politeness. They’re not support, they’re not helping us and they’re not fighting besides us or for us

    You’re not an ally if your “advocacy” is marketing and benefits you more than it does us. A decent person? Sure! Not hostile? Definitely. But not an ally

  • Spike

    Without an agreed upon definition of Ally, the question posed is a stupid one.

  • CoolBeansandChili

    @Spike: I think the term “ally” in this instance refers to a straight person who supports the rights of the LGBT community.

    To answer the question (in a way), the community needs to stop using that word so liberally. A good pop song or shirtless photo spread does not an ally make. True allies use all of the resources available to them to further aid a cause that is dear to them, without expectation of publicity, praise, or reward. They do these thing because it is right. While I want to believe that celebrities really do support rights the community is fighting for, I know that some are just pandering. The proof lies in their actions.

  • Degas

    The LGBT community should only demand more from its own.

  • robirob

    Can you really expect someone to be your ally when all he is interested in is your money, attention, and support without having any intention to stick up for you when push comes to shove?

    There is no point of demanding something. Fakers and flukes will always find an excuse why they didn’t take your side and then expect you to support them anyway. Actions speak louder than words after all.

    Quality over quantity. Keep and support the true and genuine allies who stuck their necks out for you in the past / present and cut the fake pandering hanger ons loose.

  • Dixie Rect

    Allies support the community when something is in it for them, specifically brand awareness. G/L dollars are strong and all the ‘Allies’ are vying for them. Don’t get it twisted, there are no real allies, just a wolf in sheep’s clothing wanting your cash.

    Agree with Degas, the community should demand more from its own.

  • DShucking

    Macklemore shouldn’t have to become an activist because he did a song about marriage equality that we fully embraced. Are we really that desperate? I’d hate to think of all of the music and movies we wouldn’t see from straight artists because they don’t want to be held up by such a needy group of people.

  • DShucking

    @Sparkyu1: Can you tell me which Katy Perry song has the homophobic lyrics? I searched but I can’t find it.

  • Rockery

    Short answer: No

    If they are TRUE allies and not just trying to get rich or get fame off of our dollars, the how can I make a demand of you

  • jimbryant

    The most phony of allies are these female pop singers who claim to be on our side but are basically using us for cash.

  • Sharkey

    @DShucking: “Ur So Gay”

  • Cam

    Which Allies?

    I don’t care as much about the entertainment industry, though I AM sick of straight actors trying to talk about what man they find handsome and would kiss to try to get gay fans. That is an OLD OLD OLD line and it has worn thin.

    What I DID get VERY sick of was HRC head Joe Solomnase continually trying to tell the gay community to sit down and shut up and not to worry if our “Friends” in Congress voted against gay rights, because, gee, they really like us, but just can’t show that right now.

    Or when Barney Frank told the gay community to stop complaining and marching and said the community was acting like children and should lobby Congress like any business does.

    Well Joe Solomnase is gone and so is Barney Frank, and obviously they were both wrong. I hope groups like HRC realize that it was pressuring our “Allies” that got us the civil rights advances in the last few years.

  • DShucking

    @Sharkey: Oh. Never heard of it. I looked at the lyrics and I don’t want to say they’re homophobic because I assume there’s some sort of pop irony to it that she thought was clever. But it’s pretty rude, uncaring and disrespectful of us, for sure.

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