QUOTE: Comics Legend Grant Morrison Calls Out Batman’s Gay Ways

“Gayness is built into Batman. I’m not using gay in the pejorative sense, but Batman is very, very gay. There’s just no denying it. Obviously as a fictional character he’s intended to be heterosexual, but the basis of the whole concept is utterly gay. I think that’s why people like it.

All these women fancy him and they all wear fetish clothes and jump around rooftops to get to him. He doesn’t care—he’s more interested in hanging out with the old guy and the kid.”

Comic-book writer Grant Morrison (X-Men, All-Star Superman) on Batman’s homoerotic appeal, in Playboy magazine.

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  • Tom

    How is this not well known? I mean Batman made Dick Grayson his ward after the mafia murdered his family.
    An man who never married and a younger teen boy who both live together? It is not hard to picture them as lovers

  • Naughty Twinks

    Hahaha, yep, he hangs around with a little twink buy and when the boy gets all hot and buff he moves on to the next young thang. They should just do an alt universe gay batman already.

  • Naughty Twinks

    Hahaha, yep, he hangs around with a little twink boy and when the boy gets all hot and buff he moves on to the next young thang. They should just do an alt universe gay batman already.

  • Adam

    Catwoman must be so frustrated.

  • Oh, ok

    Considering the age of the boy in question you’d think people would be more grossed out by it rather than turned on. I mean seriously…wtf.

    The person who was greelighting things like Dick sleeping in bed with him was obviously a pedophile using the medium to get his rocks off. Why support it? Because they’re both male?

    Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we have to be perverts or accept things we know are wrong. Things like this give homophobes power, this is the type of stuff they say we’re into.

  • myself

    I don’t know, I didn’t see Bruce’s dick in Dick Grayson. Maybe you just have a dirty mind.

  • Oh, ok

    @myself: Yet the article, the comments, and MANY people have been calling Batman and Robin a gay relationship for years. Maybe you’re just an idiot.

    How terrible that I asked fellow gay men to protect themselves by not supporting the accusation/assumption/mockery that a supposedly gay man is carrying on an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy.

    I didn’t see Michael Jackson’s dick in any little boys either, didn’t stop the entire world from believing he was a pedophile.

  • semich

    I agree that the pederasty angle is disturbing. I think, based on the continuity, Batman is around 27 or 28 when he takes Dick Grayson under his wing, and Grayson is 13.

    That being said, Batman is a disturbing character who is almost certainly suffering from a severe mental illness. He dresses up in a bat costume, chasing criminals with his high tech gadgets. His existence is a lonely one, with very few people privy to his personal affairs and no one privy to his thoughts. When the character first appeared, he carried a gun and executed people. In essence, Batman is a criminal who is tolerated by Gotham’s law enforcement because they are plagued by an unusually large number of criminals even more psychotic than he is.

    In light of this, why do people get upset by the mere possibility of sex with an underaged boy without addressing the fact that Batman puts the same boy in harms way all the time? And in fact, his penchant for teenage sidekicks results in the death of one young man, and another young woman suffers paralysis because of her involvement in crime fighting (although she, at least, is an adult at the time).

    Frankly, there’s no interpretation of this character that isn’t disturbing. As Frank Miller says, he sublimates his sexuality with crime fighting, and he’d be much healthier if he was gay.

  • Pixie

    The entire article on the Playboy site is great. Morrison talks about his years crossdressing too. Morrison is an interesting character and still dead sexy.

  • Oside

    wtf this is bull shit batman is not gay and never will be gay! fucking fags are taking everything and now they want batman… hell no i will not let this happen!!

  • Codswallop

    Oside, you dumbfuck, take a look at the panel from an actual Batman comic shown above. That’s Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson waking up IN THE SAME BED! While I doubt the writers and artists really intended the Batman/Robin relationship to be explicitly gay that “reading” as ALWAYS been there with plenty of evidence from the comics to back it up. Back in the 1950s when Frederic Wortham wrote “Seduction Of The Innocent,” a book that blamed comic books for juvenile delinquency and resulted in the Comics Code that was in effect for decades, he singled out Batman and Wonder Woman (who came from an all-female society) for promoting homosexuality. A ‘gay’ reading of Batman is nothing new.

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