QUOTE: GOP Politicians Ignore Conscience When Voting Anti-Gay

So it’s kind of shameful to admit, but in the world we live in, politics decides a lot of how you act. And knowing that the [2009 New York marriage equality] bill wasn’t going to pass because the other side didn’t have enough votes meant that you don’t put yourself out there politically for a bill that is going to fail, when your conservatives and your right-wings will work against you in the next election.

…the Republican conference was trying to do everything it could to get back in the majority, which as everyone knows is what happened…

I went out, and as I sat there I knew I was voting against what I believed. I knew I was voting against what was in my heart. I knew I was voting against what I thought was right not just for me, not only for New York, but for America.

It was very, very hard for me…

I did promise myself I would never vote “no” again, no matter what the circumstances were.

– Republican New York State Senator James S. Alesi explaining to The New York Times why he voted against marriage equality in 2009 and yet helped pass marriage equality in 2010.