R. Kelly’s Youngest Child Comes Out As Trans, Does Not See His “Deadbeat” Dad

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.21.03 AMR. Kelly’s youngest child, now 13, came out as transgender on his page this week. Though he reveals that his mother has been incredibly supportive of his recent decision to begin transitioning, his father, who he describes as “a deadbeat,” was unaware.

The teen was given the name Jaya at birth, but now prefers to go by Jay. He’s been answering questions submitted anonymously about his transition, revealing a close relationship with his mother, a desire to seek transitional surgery in the near future, and a history of depression.

“[My mom] was like, ‘Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it and I would still love you so much,’” he told an inquirer, according to In Touch. “She was very proud of me, I was like, ‘Thank you mum for accepting the fact that I’m a transgender.’”

“And same with my sister, she told me that she was proud of me, and respects me by calling me handsome and calling me her little brother now, and I love her for that, so you know it was great for me.”

Last night, Jay wrote that his depression is just “one of the things that come with being transgender.” “It’s complicated,” he writes, “you cry, ALOT.”

Jay has been active on Instagram since creating an account in January. Check him out and follow his transition at @mi_ylno_namuh.