Rachel “Mad Cow” Wishes She Recieved More Creative Hate Mail

About 14 percent of Rachel Maddow’s mail consists of hate mail calling her Rachel “Mad Cow” or referring to her as mannish. She told Ellen Degeneres yesterday that she’d really prefer new types of hate mail. After all, doesn’t the most astounding wonk in cable news deserve the best?

She also talked about her role in the stunning documentary Miss Representation, which explores why all types of media tend to attack women for their looks rather than the substance of their character.

Rachel Maddow for 2016!

Image via Paul Schultz. Video via Think Progress

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  • astonia

    I’m a straight woman, and I love her. Actually, I love her AND Ellen. Come to think of it, I don’t know Portia, but I’d probably love her too. (And now I’m almost crying, for tough Rachel almost does when Ellen says nice things about her.)

  • the crustybastard

    So much badass lesbian gravity in one place it bent light.

    Love ’em both. And I think they’re each one enormously attractive ladies, orders of magnitude more appealing than “hot chicks” like Denise Richards or Kristin Cavallari.

    I dig smart and funny.

  • dvlaries

    I wouldn’t have thought anybody could make me sit still for Pat Buchanan, but when Rachel co-hosted election coverage 2008 with him, that’s exactly what I did. Despite his political bent, I got the distinct impression he liked her, and it was easy to imagine them sharing stories and drinks after the show.

    Who knows? Maybe “disarm with charm” is not a fully discarded theory, and some minds, maybe, are changed quietly and without shouting. Stranger things have happened.

  • Dorothea from Germany

    Dear Queerty author:
    Please check your spelling. It’s “received”, not “recieved”. Shouldn’t your English be better than mine?

    Also, here’s a link to a video with higher quality:

  • Hyhybt

    Interesting where she mentioned this. I remember years ago hearing repeatedly about someone apparently named “Ellen Degenerate.” The host of whatever radio show was on when I was in the car at the time apparently thought that was just the cleverest thing ever to call her that.

    Some attempts at humor wear well on repeated use. Others don’t, and those using them so often think they’re the first person ever to think of them. I get embarrassed if I’m with Dad when he gets lottery tickets, because he asks the cashier for the winning numbers, like they’ve never heard that one before. At lunch time, countless people will order a “Quarter Pounder with Grease” while others instead go to the “Pizza Slut,” and act completely clueless if anyone who hears finds the names… distasteful. And of course we’ve all heard the one about “shoving the gay lifestyle down our throats.”

    That all these people still think they’re being *clever* of all things is astounding.

  • Rick

    I’m a gay man and I can’t stand listening to Maddow. I see her no different than conservatives that are blinded by ideology and who hunger to attack others with zilch evidence. A family member of mine was watching her yesterday and I could only handle it for about 5 minutes before I left the room. Yeah, I understand where she is coming from and I appreciate many of her stances. But, I she comes off as a radical who in incapable of common sense or treating others fairly. Sorry, I don’t like it when conservatives are radical and blinded by ideology – and I don’t like it when liberals are either. Let’s talk about the facts and stop trying to just tear down others and create division for the sake of hate and anger. She is no better than half the people she targets, EVEN IF I find myself agreeing with her politically much more often than those she opposes. I just really detest her methods and how she attacks others. It’s really pathetic in my opinion and there is no reason for it. Like I said, it creates further division and we have enough of that coming from the conservatives. Why not get some liberals who talk common sense vs. just attacking and belittling others? MSNBC and FOX are into hype and drama – and Maddow fits perfectly in the mold of a liberal who has intelligence – but would rather attack anyone with an R by their name than build bridges and seek common ground. Forget it – I can’t stand watching her show.

  • Little Kiwi

    “she comes off as a radical who in incapable of common sense or treating others fairly.”

    That’s an hilariously inept perception. Rachel Maddow as a radical? Yeah. Right. If compared to my Grandmother.

    She’s about as radical as a bagel and the only people who’d see her as a “radical” are likely complete milquetoast ninnies.

  • ewe

    I like her immensely because when she covers any given topic she breaks it down and gives her viewers a chronological history which exposes corruption deliciously. Rachael Maddow delivers.

  • tjr101

    I love her simply because she scares the hell out of conservatives who avoid her show like the plague with their nonsense and stay in their comfort zone at Faux News.

  • ewe

    It is obvious to me that Rachael Maddow has a thick skin and has no problem protecting herself. She certainly doesn’t need me for that but i did see some sadness when she was talking about this mockery. Right when she gave her perfect pitch Pee Wee Herman laugh i noticed how much bullying this woman has gone through. Bless her soul. After everything is said and done Rachael Maddow is a great person. She is an ally of the oppressed because she understands it personally. I love the fact she is so successful by following her heart.

  • christopher di spirito

    Rachel is smart. She’s a Rhodes scholar.

    Her ability to deconstruct complicated issues and regurgitate for a broader audience is laudable.

    But sometimes — as with her bizarre take on same-sex marriage, just made no sense to a community struggling and fighting for a place at the table.

    She’s at her best when she sticks to politics and policy.

  • ewe

    @christopher di spirito: i have a feeling she is only protecting her interests from her current partner. As a matter of fact i think she probably was told by her attorney to put that out there as evidence for the record of any potential future proceedings. It’s just a guess. Otherwise she very well may feel that gay people spend too much of their time copying straight people. I do not think that is it though. What i really think it is about if her desire to move all gay voters in the direction of the Bummer even though he will not evolve by election day. It makes more sense to me she would give him a pass so a republican won’t get in. Not that i think any current republican even stands a chance against the Bummer.

  • Ty


    Obvee she wants to be a man.

  • delurker

    @Rick: Yuck. More lame “third way” bullshit.

  • Pocket Otter

    Maddow is a SHE??? I always thought his name was Rafel Maddow.

  • Spike

    Power lesbians.

    Rachel an intelligent one.

    Ellen just giving away free crap and clueless str8t women in the mid-west watching her do it on TV at 3 PM.

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