Ralph Fiennes: Coriolanus Dripping With Locker-Room Homoeroticism

Oh, I think there is an unconscious attraction between two extreme warriors. I don’t think it’s a conscious homosexual attraction, but I think it’s so close to that locker-room rivalry that you can’t help but see it…and I think it’s definitely in the text…He greets Coriolanus and says, [paraphrasing] ‘Let me twine my arms about that body, now that I see thee here thy noble thing, more dances my rapt heart than when I first my wedded mistress saw bestride my threshold.’ And he goes on and on…

Actually, [Ovidius] uses—it’s misleading, because it is full of romantic language—he uses the fisting word, and not meaning it in the gay sense. [Paraphrasing] ‘Bound together in my sleep, unbuckling helms, fisting each other’s throats…’ That’s misleading, but he’s been dreaming about Coriolanus, and fighting him. And he’s obsessed with it. It’s been unquestioningly there.”

Director/star Ralph Fiennes, discussing the inherient homoeroticism in Coriolanus been his character and Gerald Butler’s Ovidius in the Shakespearan drama, to

Coriolanus opens in theaters on December 2. Check out the official trailer below: