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Rand Paul’s wife is freaking out over an elementary school Pride event that happened a year ago

Rand Paul’s wife, Kelley, lost it on Twitter this week after learning about an elementary school in Austin, Texas that held a Pride parade for students back in April 2021.

“And the assistant principal expressly told the little kids not to tell their parents what happened in the ‘pride circles’,” Kelley tweeted, along with a misleading article about the event published by an extreme right-wing blog.

Mrs. Paul’s claim that the assistant principal of Doss Elementary told students “not to tell their parents” about the Pride event, however, is directly contradicted by the assistant principal’s own Twitter page, where she publicly posted about it almost a year ago.

“We had so much fun at our first Doss Pride Parade!” Hannah Wankel shared on April 21, 2021, along with several photos of the festivities.

This year, the school organized another Pride celebration and Wankel tweeted about that, too. Numerous times, in fact:

But Kelley’s hatred for all things LGBTQ extends far beyond just the Pride parade at Doss Elementary. Last month, she used Twitter to spout hateful TERF ideology while declaring her undying support of transphobe JK Rowling.

I have wonderful memories of reading the Harry Potter books to my kids. Sharing them and anticipating each new book was a magical part of their childhood. Shameful that the @nytimes is trying to erase the woman who created them, the brilliant @jk_rowling,” Kelley tweeted in response a subway ad for the newspaper that criticized the transphobic children’s author.

And just this morning, she tweeted a quote her father-in-law, Ron Paul, while blasting Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for refusing to define the word “woman” during a transphobic line of questioning from Marsha Blackburn at her second day of Supreme Court nomination hearings yesterday.

“In 2022, the nominee for the highest court in the land is afraid to publicly say what a woman is. ‘Truth is treason in an empire of lies.’ – Ron Paul,” Kelley wrote.

Seriously, can someone please get this woman a Xanax?

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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