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Rapper Mykki Blanco Says “A Straight Man’s Respect Doesn’t Mean Sh*t To Me”

IMG_3761No matter what crossover I may have, no matter what genders or backgrounds the people that enjoy my music have, a large part of my fan base is gay and those are my people. They’re the people I represent. I always want to reinforce to my fans that regardless of any issue with homosexuality that people want to debate about, it’s about owning your sexuality and not allowing the heterosexual world to think they can critique it — no one is critiquing heterosexuality. Don’t allow society to put who you are into this petri dish like it’s a topic for discussion. That’s why I say, ‘A straight man’s respect doesn’t mean shit to me,’ because so many people will condescendingly say to me, ‘Oh you really are a good rapper.’ What they’re really trying to say is, ‘You’re a really good rapper for being gay.'”

Mykki Blanco in an interview with Paper magazine