Raven-Symonè Comes Out, Is Ready To Get Gay Married

YAS, MA’AM! Raven-Symonè — adorable Huxtable replacement, Mr. Cooper Hanger-on and whacky Disney psychic — has come out of the closet.

Long followed by rumors of her sexuality, like a baby Queen Latifah, Raven ended the speculation with this tweet today:

To make sure she wasn’t misunderstood, Raven retweeted these opportunistic queens:

Some were surprised.


Some raised an eyebrow and got back to work.


But, little Olivia has survived Bill Cosby, the Disney machine and being roommates with Lindsay Lohan without lapsing into Lindsay Lohan territory — or even the less severe Miley Cyrus territory. She may have lapsed into Lindsay pre-Sam Ronson, however.

And so now in celebration, let’s all indulge in this video of Raven turning it out with Drag Race alum Morgan McMichaels (around the 4:00 mark):