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Are you ready for Daddy Nutcracker?

via Target.

The internet continues to obsess over the “queer Nutcracker,” a variation on the yuletide icon sold at Target. Now one internet artist has upped the ante on the appeal by turning the Nutcracker into a very sexy daddy.

The story begins with Target’s new, queer Nutcracker product. The figurine, clad in the pride colors and holding the progress flag, became a viral sensation on social media, with users rushing to buy the figure ahead of the holiday season.

“Show your advocacy for LGBTQIA+ friends and family in fun, festive style with this Pride Nutcracker from Wondershop,” the official description reads. “Showcasing a man dressed in traditional nutcracker costume … this decorative figurine helps you get in the rhythm for a fun and festive Christmas. The bright color scheme adds a merry touch to your seasonal display.”

Various Target stores already report selling out of the figure, which is not currently available on the store’s website.

Jumping on the trend, internet artist Oricalcon took to Twitter to share his image of a reimagined queer Nutcracker…one with a lot more sex appeal.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake;” he tweeted. “I’ve gotten committed to this stupid meme. I’m actually gonna paint this whole thing. LMAO.”

The final painting shows the Nutcracker designed as a muscle man draped in the progress flag and wearing a hat with the pride flag colors.

“The minute I saw that Extra Gay Nutcracker from Target, I knew what I had to do,” Oricalcon wrote.

At the time of this writing, the image has over 1,000 likes.

The meme may mark the first time in history queer men have found anything with the term “Nutcracker” sexy.