Real Madrid Soccer Player Outed In Tabloid?

Nuestro dios! Spanish football player and former David Beckham shower mate José María Gutiérrez, affectionately referred to as “Guti,” was snapped smooching a male mate recently.

The tabloids went nuts, of course, but no one expected such a fall out: Guti’s wife ain’t feeling the love and has decided to “take a break” from their 8-year marriage, according to reports.

Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez, 31, is married to TV presenter Arancha de Benito and they have two children.

She has made a statement to the press stating she has decided to “take a break” from their eight year marriage.

Guti has played for Real Madrid his entire career, starting with their youth academy in 1986, and is one of three team captains.

Loose translations of Spanish media say Guti and his unidentified pal had a quiet dinner prior to being spotted by a tabloid photographer. The paper also seems to intimate that the soccer player has a history of homo-related behavior.