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Reality Gays Christian + Adam Bow Down to Queen Oprah

Shouldn’t Oprah be above reality show contestants? The ultimate mass market decision maker, Oprah should be reading books, not selecting her favorite reality show stars. What is this, Entertainment Tonight? Then again, the best reality show stars are the gays, so enter new Starbucks Card designer Christian Siriano and Adam Lambert, y’all!

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  • media bias

    Why intentionally misrepresent in order to diminish the kid? Starbucks? And, OH, nothing else right? Successful high end FASHION designer with collections at NY Fashion weeks, with SAks picking up his full line, dressing celebrities, successful ready to wear, a new line of maternity wear, a deal with Payless shoes and Victoria Secret, an LG phone deal,and still a mere CHILD. Who went to that show with $20.00. Same with Lambert, albeit he was a whole 26 years old with $20.00.

    Are you really that unforgiving of every complaint you have against these boys? Yeah big f*kn deal he used tranny in public, as IF ya’ll don’t. Oh it’s on the unclaimed slur list? Then stop using it yourselves.

    Why prefer to disparage the few high profile people that straights love instead of supporting their accomplishments.

    Meanwhile,suck up to Obama.

    OH, and Lambert’s CD pre order shot right back up to number 1 on Amazon from number 4 within hours of being on Oprah.

    Your hypocrisy is astounding. Wait scratch that, it’s totally predictable.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    (H)Oprah increasingly looks like the Red Queen in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Chris did well but Adam forgot to gush (and seemed a little awe-struck plus Skype SUCKS BADLY) Long Live the Queen (Off with her head!) Gayle is cool, though.

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