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  • art

    my only problem is with his genralization that the majority of gay men have done this at one point or another. No, not every gay man masturbates on cam, some of us have common sense and modesty…….and yes, I do look good.

  • EdWoody

    Maybe not every one of us, but a whole hell of a lot of us for sure. It sticks in my throat but I agree with Queerty on this one – we all wish we looked that good naked.

  • Labi Ajeti

    Michigan today, Canada tomorrow

  • Crabby

    vapid queen wants more attention… yawn

  • ~PR~

    @art: “majority” and “every” are not the same thing. ;P

  • George412

    I’m good looking and have never done it. Not to mention, I’m single. Last I knew Reichen isn’t single so why is he showing the goods when he has a partner at home?



  • alejandro

    seriously though. i know so many ppl who have, and i’m one of them..

    i think he’s handling this very well.

  • Luke

    The guy is a fame seeking idiot pretending to be a non-fame seeking intelligent. He should go straight into porn and stay there!

  • Spike

    Figures this idiot would equate ‘posting a private picture over internet lines for private viewing’ to be the same as jacking your pencil dick on cam4 for thousands of people to view, and cued according to how many are watching you, oh yea and tipping tokens that can be turned in for cash, not to mention the $$$$ prize for the cam of the month. Yep, that’s posting a pvt. pic for pvt. viewing.

    As for moving on, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if there is a gay god, this clown would move on and we would never have to hear nor see him again!

  • mattsy

    His dick is too skinny

  • Tylerboy

    It’s obvious that this isn’t an accident. The man is starved for attention. He has been in the spotlight going back to the AMAZING RACE 10 years ago and he is almost 40. He knows how the internet works. Just like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian before him this was planned to help his “career”.


    I don’t understand it. Why does this bother people? He isn’t hurting anyone. So he likes the limelight. You could say that about a lot of people in the entertainment industry. I actually appreciated how he represented the masculine gay male on the ‘Amazing Race’

    But why the hate? I don’t get it. What he does has no effect on me. More power to him. People are to judgemental if you ask me. I have no problems with him being naked. Most people are to hung up on their dick size as it is. Now if he would let Rodney on the site even better.

    I just think we in the gay community are better than this.

  • Jollysocks

    1) Jerking off to porn on the internet is not the same as jerking off on camera over the internet

    2) He’s not bisexual, he’s gay (and a bottom)

    3) I’m sure Rodney is having another Latin American emo meltdown (“why he always naked on computer? He hurt me! He hurt me!”)

  • TJ

    I thought Miss Priss didn’t read her own press?

    Next stop, Randy Blue.

  • Jonathan

    @Jollysocks: Very smart!

  • Zee

    I don’t see the big deal either. Who cares? (besides Rodney)

  • Trent

    What a moronic statement — nothing about Reichen represents the majority of the gay community. Clearly some publicist wrote that statement because a casual review of a couple episodes of A-List makes it clear he is not capable of speaking so concisely. I am also not sure why he is flattered by the pics. The one with his hand over his thigh — makes it appear his penis is small relative to the size of his hand… looks like 5″ max to me.

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