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Reichen Lemkuhl’s Big Gay Italian Wedding Is Going to Distract the Gays From True Broadway Art Forms

In New York City, there is an astounding among of excellent gay theater going on right this minute. Much of it doesn’t even have to do with AIDS! But along comes Reichen Lehmkuhl — Amazing Race winner, Lance Bass ex-boyfriend, pilot, naked guy — with a starring role in My Big Gay Italian Wedding off-Broadway, and you know all the theater fags are going to stop caring about Yank! and devote all their web forum fandom to discussing Reichen’s acting chops. And other chops. Which is fine; Reichen is a nice guy, and not-terrible actor. But he’s going to participate in making A MOCKERY of gay marriage! Think about what you’re buying tickets to!

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  • Cam

    Hey, I’d still rather buy a ticket to see this guy, who is out and proud then buy one to see that bitter Betty Sean Hayes.

  • fredo777

    What are your thoughts on The Temperamentals starring Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie (which is advertised on this very site)?

  • ben doverr

    A bare hair better than Hayes, perhaps. Ditched his non-famous partner soon after Amazing Race, hitched his star temporarily to Lance Bass — and — surprise! — is now an aspiring actor.

    Found in the dictionary under “famewhore.”

  • Cam

    @ben doverr:

    True, but he apparently also pushed Bass to come out.

  • smith

    @ Cam – umm, no. That would be Perez Hilton (unfortunately).

  • Qjersey

    …and not-terrible actor

    Were you drinking appletini’s spiked with X while watching Dante’s Cove? If only his cock was as wooden as his acting. BTW…underwear scenes in Dante’s Cove, not exactly a package I’d leave the house during a rainstorm to get.

  • Charlie


  • Charlie

    Reichen’s greatest acting performance caught on video: declaring he’d never cheat on Lance…a few hours before he did after which he returned to Chez Bass to allegedly find his boxes of unsold beefcake calendars and books on the curb.

  • Cam

    No. 5 · smith
    @ Cam – umm, no. That would be Perez Hilton (unfortunately).

    Bass said that he was getting a lot of pressure from “Somebody he was dating” to come out. Perez hilton I’m sure pretty much sealed the deal of him ACTUALLY coming out. But yeah, the guy is a fame whore, but he’s an out fame whore and went on the Amazing race as an out gay man. I’d say that is head and shoulders above douche-bags like Sean Hayes.

  • Robert

    FYI – My Big Gay Italian Wedding does NOT make a mockery of gay marriage. It is in the spirit of supporting and accepting gay marriage.

  • Tylertime

    Reichen is disgusting. Total douche.

  • Chelsea

    “Reichen is now ”

    Tired, old, self-promoting queen with botched pinback-ear surgery. Take a break, fame-whoring kitty cat!

  • ben doverr

    Chelsea, that ear surgery info is a great addition and hysterical. Is that 4 real?

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