Yep, That's As Far As It Goes...

Reichen, Ryan Like Red, Looking Good In Red

Sure, Reichen may be crazier than a shit house rat, but there’s no denying he and his post-Bass boyfriend, Ryan Barry, make an attractive couple.

While it’s tempting to imagine this toned twosome romping in the sack, we keep coming up with the same inane scenario:
Ryan: You’re so hot.

Reichen: I know. And famous.

Ryan: Wait! You’re supposed to say I’m hot, too.

Reichen: Oh, yeah, you’re hot.

Ryan: Thank you.

Reichen: I’m hotter though. Oh, yes, yes, I’m so hot! Oh, god! I’m so hooooot!!

Ryan: Wait, what about me?

Reichen: What about you? God, I love me.