Rejected By Fox News, The Palm Center’s Awful DADT Ad Threatens To Go Viral

Did the Palm Center submit this anti-DADT 30-second spot to Fox News knowing the cable network would reject it — and provide the organization with tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity as well all “report” on the rejection? The ad, which is quite bad and would likely appear to be terribly ineffective, comes from the same University of California-Santa Barbara’s think tank that told Congress to pass the Pentagon budget bill even if a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal wasn’t included — while operating a website dedicated to showing the Pentagon how letting gays serve openly doesn’t hurt anyone. Meanwhile, putting the ad on Fox News is an utter waste of money: The reason people tune in to the network isn’t to have their minds changed. It’s to have their already narrow view of the world reinforced by rhetoric. “Fox’s reason [for rejecting the spot] was that the policy is ‘on hold’ so plans for repeal are ‘incorrect’,” says Palm Center spokeswoman and uber-gay flack Cathy Renna. Which proves our point: Fox News merely twists actual facts into its fair and balanced brand of reality.