Renato Seabra Confesses To Corkscrew Castration + Killing Of Carlos Castro

Renato Seabra, the Portuguese model accused of killing and castrating beloved activist and journalist Carlos Castro, has reportedly confessed to the murder, telling authorities, “I’m not gay anymore!” Okay then.

Having used a corkscrew to remove Castro’s testicles, Seabra — who competed unsuccessfully on a Portuguese modeling reality show — told investigators he was only trying to “to get rid of demons, to get rid of the virus” — the gay virus, not HIV, apparently. Though the pair have been dating since October, it was on Saturday during their New York City visit that Seabra says he told Castro he wasn’t gay and was only using him for money. That’s when he spent the next hour restraining, beating, kicking, castrating, and killing his lover, delivering a blow to Castro’s head with a computer monitor and shoving the corkscrew into Castro’s eye before slicing off his genitals. Then he showered, donned a suit, and left the hotel, but not before slitting his own wrists, which is why he sought medical attention at the nearby Roosevelt Hospital.

Now even Seabra’s family is denying the pair were romantically linked: “My son was not Carlos Castro’s lover,” says his mother Odília Pereirinha. “From the beginning, he never hid his sexuality, which is heterosexual.” And the countdown to a gay panic defense begins in 10, 9, 8 …

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  • Cam

    This is a horrible situation. But i’m just shocked that a young early 20’s model would need to tell his (60, 70, 80?) year old boyfriend that want of money was a big part of the relationship.

    Hopefully with Portuguese being quite gay friendly that this guy gets locked up at least until he’s as old as his boyfriend was.

  • Kev C

    My take on it. He was a straight guy hustling a rich gay. But when the sugar daddy refused to take him shopping, he threw a tantrum and killed him. He can blame it on whatever, but greed is the motive.

  • kueerduck

    and he’s not a murderer either ’cause that wouldnt b worse than gay

  • frank

    Let’s blame the denial of the mother and the guilt-tripping of Catholicism for this display of self-loathing gone waaaaaay bad.


    Sugar Daddy said no to “I wanna go shopping for more expensive toys”……..He was basicaly a hustler on a months long for hire basis…………Once he enters prison, he gets a Daddy without the sugar for a loooonnng time……

  • matthew

    how do u castrate someone with a corkscrew??

  • Joseph

    Jesus… make my think twice about dateing a guy in the closet!

  • John

    Huh. Disgusting and disturbing.

  • Filipe

    Gay panic? That’s impossible. According to Castro’s friends, they were a couple since October. Castro’s best friend told that Renato sent messages to Castro’s mobile phone saying «I love you» or «I’ll stay with you forever»; Castro, Renato and Cláudio went to Madrid one weekend, and Cláudio said that Castro and Renato slept together like a couple («dormiram juntos»). Even if Renato is gay or bisexual, he will deny it forever, he’s from rural Portugal, where homosexuality is like a horrible crime, and don’t forget, he had a catholic education. And his family will say forever that Renato is straight, homosexuality in rural Portugal is like a capital sin.

  • Charlie

    He’ll be tried in NYC, no?

  • scott ny'er

    if that’s what happened… that is just terrible.

    what a horrible person.

  • Josh

    @frank: “Let’s blame the denial of the mother and the guilt-tripping of Catholicism for this display of self-loathing gone waaaaaay bad.”

    I see what you’re saying, but I think the blame for this crime lies solely with Renato himself. He’s fucking crazy, and a terrible person to boot.

  • Jaroslaw

    I find it hard to believe someone that disturbed (Renato) was able to hide it completely from Carlos. Then again, Ted Bundy that killed a zillion women (executed in Florida) – he volunteered at a crisis center who said he was the most gentle, thorough, counselor they ever had. But that was for a short time on the phone, the woman he dated long term got some clues – his sex was very rough and demeaning and as time went on there were other things he couldn’t explain…..and quirks in his behavior. Often when in love or lonely, we believe, see and hear what we want. Very sad situation.

  • .

    @frank: Moron.

  • Jeffree

    @Matthew: Good question! The kind of corkscrew they had in the hotel may have been the one with the foil cutter, so he could have used that. It’s been done before—you can google it but the stories are pretty horrible to read…..
    — — — — —
    I can’t help but wonder if drugs were involved in this case. Seabra’s self-cutting seems to call his state in to question.

  • Babsdude

    Many older, wealthy, straight men have young women that attach themselves. The older men may enjoy some sex and companionship; the young women get to live a lifestyle they enjoy and get taken care of.

    No difference here. Older gay man. Young male model.

    The problem is that young women don’t freak out and cut off their sugar daddy’s penises because they are conflicted with their sexuality. That’s what Seabra did.

    I’m going to bet he was high on something, too.

    Seabra couldn’t reconcile the whole thing.

    I don’t know a lot about Castro. But one thing’s for sure: He did not deserve to DIE in such a horrible manner.

  • Black Pegasus

    Young Models with Tight Asses, Tanned Skin, and photogenic Faces can be one Helluva Drug to an old Man.

    Just buy yourself some porn and call it a day. LOL

  • Jaroslaw

    Pete, #16, how do you know everything you say in your post? You’re less than credible when you say it’s distorted to fit the “fag agenda.” If you’re straight, why are you here?

  • garry

    @Pete: he apparently was not gay! and i thnk you will find that the vast majority of murders are cimmited by heterosexuals

  • Pete

    Why did my post got deleted?!?!?!

    Do you idiots actually beleive this was “love”?!?! Castro had influence in fashion and show business and this model was trying to go up the ladder…

    You people are really fucking stupid…

  • B

    No. 9 · Filipe wrote, “Gay panic? That’s impossible.”

    Not in his case – he is probably panicking over the thought of how being gay would go over in prison, and is now billing himself as “gay for pay”, which might be more acceptable to homophobic inmates. At least he confessed, so the trial should be short.

  • Alexis

    It doesn’t matter much about Portuguese attitudes towards homosexuality, because Seabro will be tried and/or sentenced in the U.S. If convicted, he may be allowed to serve some of his sentence in his native Portugal.

  • John

    @Pete: Because you’re a bloody idiot would be my guess. Why anyone would go onto a gay blog spouting anti-gay BS, all done with the love of Christ in your heart no doubt, and then be shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that their comments were deleted is beyond me.

  • John

    @Alexis: If he doesn’t get the death penalty, but then the crime took place in NYC and the guy is probably nuts so perhaps he won’t get the needle after all. Pity really…

  • Jaroslaw

    gosh pete, I see your post got deleted and then when you come back you don’t even answer reasonable questions from me! Who’s the f’ing idiot now?

  • SA

    If, now and then, a previously sane person cracks under the pressure of living in a virulently homophobic world, why are we shocked? The effects on mental health of living with racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ageism, etc. are well-documented. I feel disgust and anger over this man’s crime, but something between pity and empathy for him as a person if his internal conflicts over his sexuality caused him to go off the rails (and make no mistake, your average “ex-gay” may be telling themselves a lie, but they are not homicidal – this is a whole other level of severe disturbance). That’s a lot of pain to be living with.

  • Tackle

    @ BLACK PEGASUS: You made a very good point. Until you added the LOL at the end. NOTHING about this is funny. Just ask the families.

  • Thom Freeheart

    IMO, this is not a matter of one gay killing another. This is a straight guy hustling a gay granpa.

    Seabra had no problem acting gay for all of the goodies he was getting, but when his sugar daddy finally managed to get it up, Seabra couldn’t perform gay sex because he is not gay. So he freaked out when the moves were made on him.

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    “Saturday during their New York City visit that Seabra says he told Castro he wasn’t gay and was only using him for money.”

    A collective “Duh!” shockwaved throughout the audience.

    This kid is obviously an idiot and totally unbalanced. At least if you’re going to be a murderer be one of the “genius” ones.

    The story tells itself. Sugar Daddy cut Baby off, Baby pissed his pants, and threw the tantrum of his life.

    I honestly don’t see why these older rich guys don’t just stick with the safer option of finding someone who actually loves them over paying some pretty boy to fuck.

    This kid isn’t the first prostitute to murder a trick.

  • Andrew

    So not to be insensitive to the death but I gotta say, If he wasn’t gay now he’ll def be gay in prison when he’s getting slammed by all the other inmates. Hope that helps you get up the social ladder too!

  • Kyle

    @Jeffree: Yes, cuz murdering someone and castrating them doesnt call into question their mental state!

  • Dan

    I do not always agree with death penalty. But in this case, he should be executed. Period.

  • Str8Edge

    lol @ the mother. Sometimes mother’s just need to STFU. How does she know her son was not Carlos’ lover? Was she in the bed with them? I wish mother’s would STFU sometimes and stop defending their whacked out children. Just makes them look stupid Probably the reason why this kid is bat shit crazy.

  • Jaroslaw

    #32 I commented on another post about the family/neighbors/friends always say of the accused: But he was such a nice boy/man etc. Almost 100% of the time. Of course you are right, was the mother in bed with them? Interesting others are commenting that pretty boy balked at Gay sex, but that is unlikely if they were together for months. Carlos wouldn’t have been THAT patient! Come on guys!

  • Jaroslaw

    #32 you are so right, about the mother. Was she in bed? NO. Reminds me also about comments the neighbors/family/friends have about other accused – they almost always say “but he was such a nice man/boy etc.”

    #27 Thomas F – It is extremely unlikely there was no sex IF they were together for months. Again, who knows, but unlikely in my opinion.

  • Jaroslaw

    sorry about the duplicate comment – it said it didn’t take.

  • Real Talk

    This is why you don’t date closet cases, or men who are “straight” but for the right price…

    I’m gay. I am out. I want to be with someone who is GAY and OUT. That makes for a healthy, stable relationship. Not one full of lies, betrayel, insecurity and being fake because one party is too much of a coward to come out and be themselves.

  • Stephen Thorn

    How very sad and sick… I feel so sorry for Carlos Castro. Hopefully, the “gay panic defense” is becoming a thing of the past, so Renato Seabra won’t be able to use this lame (false) excuse in court and justice will ultimately prevail.(i.e. Renato will be convicted of second degree murder if it wasn’t premeditated and first degree murder if it was.)

  • scribe

    @Real Talk: sort of agree with you. Briefly dated a dude who said he was bisexual. Had to meet him in a parking lot, cause he didn’t want his mom to know we were dating (he was 22). We talked a bit in the car, it was dark. I was taking him to a movie then back to my place for sex. I touched the kid’s face to brush off a piece of lent that was stuck to the side and he freaked the fuck out. He thought I was trying to kiss him in public, which I wasn’t. I realized in the moment that I couldn’t be with this dude, even though he was cute and hung. I didn’t think he would ever be sure enough with himself to come out.

  • Portuguese Gal

    Gay or not, thats all quite irrelevant.

    Why glorify this Castro ?

    For decades he is known to be a sexual predator here, in his country – my country.

    Get a life you people…if you defend a predator just because he is gay, you cant be really too bright.

    Regards from rainy Lisboa

  • John

    @Portuguese Gal: I’ll lay odds that most people here have never heard of Castro before his brutal murder, including myself. I may find a 40+ year difference in the relationship to be disgusting but that doesn’t justify Seabra’s actions. If Seabra were underage that would be different, but he was an adult and could have walked away from Castro at any time. Yet for whatever reason Seabra decided to prostitute himself to the old guy. Now he can pay for what he has done with the hell he is going to face in prison and perhaps the death penalty.

  • Portuguese Gal

    @John: A crime is always a crime.

    Theres a lot more than meets the eye in this case (& you cant just label someone as a prostitute if all you know is based on what you read in the papers) … at the end of the day, thats what a court of law is for -> to judge peoples actions, based on proof; not on papers gossip … or personal feelings.

  • Portuguese Gal

    @John: Too bad he got killed (nobody deserves to being killed) … the good thing is, one less of his kind.

    Its not really important if one is a straight, gay or lesbo … but if one uses its pathetic little power to use others for sex, then we have a power struggle, not a loving relationship.

  • Portuguese Gal

    @Filipe: Don’t believe all you read.

  • Jaroslaw

    Portuguese Gal- your replies are all over the map. On one hand you say no one knows, that is what courts are for; and then you say YOU do. How the hell do you know he was a sexual predator? (if he WAS in court for this then you should have just said so upfront).

    But your comment – one less of his kind? Who are you to judge? It is very hard for me to listen to stuff like that when I deal with hundreds of women annually who claim not to know who the father of their child is. We need a few less of those folks reproducing.

  • Kat

    @matthew: Do you REALLY want to know that?

  • FunMe

    Whether he admits he is gay or not, does not matter.
    He admitted to killing the guy.
    End of Story.

    He’s off to jail … where he’ll be Bubba’s gay bitch, whether he admits the gay or not.

  • spacegod

    Horrible and sad.
    But at least, as his mother reassures us, Seabra had the conviction and courage to “never hide his heterosexuality.”
    *eye roll*

  • Peter

    @FunMe: Yep, he will before execution. Also no capital panishement rxists in the EU.

  • jack

    “Corkscrew castration” is a misleading headline, but it apparently did the trick and got the clicks.

  • Jaroslaw

    Jack come on…few headlines here say castration or even murder. So don’t you think any one of those coupled with a young guy and old guy’s photo would have aroused interest?

  • Spinny64

    Unfortunately, this is a very common story. I blame the old guy, he is 45yrs older, Renato is from some small town and he is introduced to all these “goodies”: money , fame, and like a carrot I am sure the old guy brings him to New York. From what I understand Renato is a shy, calm, religious young man. As someone who knew him from Cantanhede, Portugal described him: “uma joia de rapaz”, or a jewel of a young man. As described by his friends, he certainly had everything going for him: a good personality, a good nature, and, in this world, it didn’t hurt that he is stunningly handsome either. A tragedy all around. But more so for Renato. Here’s a young man whose young life is irretreviably changed. As horrible as it was the way Carlos Castro died, the far bigger tragedy still is Renato’s lost future. I suspect Renato is the good, decent young man his friends and family say he is. How could he have fooled those who knew him best all his life? When Renato got to New York the time came, which was inevitable that it would, that he had to face the fact that he had sold his soul for fame and money. He probably became totally disgusted with himself because it dawned upon him that he had become the exact opposite of who he truly was. And here is this old queen pushing him on to continue to “deliver” and thus engage in behaviour that he found totally revolting. He snapped and lost it. And, unfortunately, we all know what ALL human beings are capable of, including myself and each of you reading this comment, when we lose all reason. I am very sorry for Renato, his friends, and his family. God bless you Renato and may your life be restored as best as possible and that you be allowed to return to Portugal and live your life in peace with your friends and family, the way I’m sure you always intended to until you made this very tragic, and very wrong choice of pursuing fame and fortune with the likes of people like Carlos Castro.

  • Soupy

    Don’t you think that Renato, a successful model, could have walked away from the relationship if he was disgusted with himself?

    I’m now convinced that you were his homophobic publicist. You can let it go now, ’cause you ain’t getting paid.

  • Spinny64


    Absolutely Renato could have, and should have, walked away from the situation. Better if he had never gotten into the situation in the first place.

    In regards to your second point, I’ve never been in the publicity business nor have I ever met Renato Seabra. Didn’t know about this individual until this story broke out. But yes, the story definitely did resonate with me, especially because of my family and particularly my newphew who is the same age and has a similar background to Renato’s.

  • Soupy

    But you really don’t know Renato do you. For all you know, he could have been the most greedy, vain, sociopathic hustler in the world. So try not to romanticize him and denigrate the real victim.

  • Spinny64


    You’re absolutely right. I don’t know Renato. I, like you and everyone else who doesn’t know him, am just going by what I’ve read about him. I am not in any way “romanticizing” about him, just recounting the views and opinions from portuguese language articles I read expressing the views of his friends, family, teachers, classmates, girlfriends, etc. Ie, those who are in a position to know him best.

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