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Renewing Your Membership to Corbin Fisher Is a Vote For Gay Activism

Who says porn studios merely steal (the innocence of young men) from the gay community without giving anything back?, most recently seen defending Adam Lambert’s on-air smooch to the FCC, donated $60,000 to Equality Florida after CEO Jason Gibson had “a chance encounter” at a cocktail party. Which sounds like the plotline to one of their films. But what’s sixty large when you’ve got $100,000 to offer Levi Johnston to “masturbate to completion.”

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  • Qjersey

    So does this make up for paying amateur porn actors shit (without any share of profits either)?

    So can we look forward to Michael Lucas making some big pronouncement with a donation to some organization? Cause you know he doesn’t like to be publicly topped.

  • Comeoutwhereveryouare

    @Qjersey: I agree. Plus, the fact that Corbin keeps up that bs of the models being straight. Please…

  • fredo777

    Couldn’t care less, to be honest. I don’t watch Corbin videos because they save the planet. I watch because they’re hot. As hell.

  • EdWoody

    You clearly don’t watch the site, because CF don’t have plotlines – it’s all “real time.” But why let facts get in the way of a good punchline, right?

  • fredo777

    @EdWoody: Well, to be fair, that’s true + false. Some of their newer videos have included loose “storylines” + dialogue. For example, the video “Gabe Fucks Logan” (one of my favorites) they supposedly are drunk + stranded in a one-bed bedroom together for some business conference. Is it sad that I remember this? Maybe. Do I care? Not really.

  • benlayvey

    @Comeoutwhereveryouare: Wait the models are NOT straight? Oooooooh! The deception! He gave us his word! Where is chivalry nowadays? The impertinence of the man!So the line about some models doing this to pay for their tuition is a fib as well? Still, like the lottery, I patronize CF without hesitation because I know a substantial sum goes to Orgs. with charitable causes. Plus it doesn’t hurt too that its one of the few amateur sites with models of CLEAN appearance. They do not look like they just walked off the street without showering, not some dirty “hustlers”— they are called?

  • Jeremy

    …and Corbin Fisher paid about $5,000 for Queerty writing this piece so everyone can know how “generous” CF is. Way to get attention, Lindsay Lohan…I mean, Corbin Fisher.

    PS: I still watch CF. Like Freedo777, because they have hot pieces of meat. But I don’t buy that “I’m straight” BS.

  • Rob Moore

    I cannot say with certainty that any of the ones labeled as straight are straight. Some of the performers identify as gay from the outset, but I don’t know about those who identify as straight. Corbin Fisher is actually comprised of two separate sites, Amateur College Men as well as Amateur College Sex. ACM is all male, and ACS always pairs males and females sometimes as M2F and sometimes as M2F2M. The men on ACS always start out on ACM in a solo at the very least. I never saw any of those who identify as gay on ACS with females.

    My point is that a lot of these men really are gay for pay. I have had sex with a few women early in life, which doesn’t make me straight.

  • Gadflyonthewall

    Personally I can’t imagine that any of these sites have the kind of revenue that would allow them to shill out 60K for a publicity stunt. I suspect it was a genuine donation.

    QJersey, Corbin Fisher has a reputation for treating their models better than most of these sites. I understand that in addition to benefits, tuition reimbursement, and 401Ks, the regulars (i.e. ‘dean’s list’) get royalties.

    The alleged ‘straightness’ of the Corbin Fisher models only draws attention to how confining terms like ‘gay’ ‘straight’ and ‘bi’ really are. I’m sure some of the guys model for the easy money and hold their noses. Others are probably previously straight but curious. And I’m sure a handful are probably primarily same-sex oriented but are still in denial or are learning to accept themselves.

    The fact that the models have to be advertised as ‘straight’ in order for the site to be as successful as it is says some not-to-good things about gay men, who for some reason think it’s ‘hotter’ to see straight guys fuck each other than gay ones. Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, etc, are just giving their customers what they want.

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