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Rep. Charles Djou Wants Stop Soldiers From Ripping Off Taxpayers Under DADT

Hawaii Rep. Charles Djou, a 10-year vet of the Army Reserves, was among five Republicans who voted in favor of the House’s DADT repeal. How come?

Because the brand new lawmaker has “seen too many instances as an army reservist, soldiers would sign up for a re-enlistment bonus. Get this gigantic sum from the American taxpayer. And then as soon as the unit gets called up to mobilize to Iraq and Afghanistan, they suddenly claim they are gay, with no prior indication of that whatsoever. Get the discharge and keep the bonus.”

Does that mean Djou voted to keep straight soldiers from pulling a gay scam to get out of service? Or he wants to get rid of a policy that let’s gays stay in the closet until it’s convenient to come out?