Republican Wives Need To STFU About Their Support For Marriage Equality

On Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes Diana Fine Cantor, blushing bride to Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, revealed to Leslie Stahl that she’s in favor of same-sex marriage despite the fact that her husband has taken up the challenge of defending DOMA in court.

Today, Cindy McCain revealed her newest snaps from another photo shoot for “No H8,” the campaign attacking California’s Prop 8. Of course her husband,former GOP presidential candidate John McCain, is on record as saying “I do not believe gay marriage should be legal.”

These gals join a growing list of GOP wives—like Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney—who have come out in favor of marriage equality.

And with the exception of Cantor, they all waited till their hubbies were safely in the private sector to pipe up.

Is this some kind of conspiracy by the Republican Party to look progressive without alienating its bigoted base? Because a few nice words from the little lady means less than nothing.

At least Diana gets points for speaking up while her man is in office.

Look, we know its totally possible to have differing political beliefs from your significant other—our boyfriend keeps harping on this flat-tax nonsense—but when you’re talking about issues that speak to people’s basic freedoms, it’s hard to just say “live and let live.”

We think pro-gay Republican wives should withhold sex until their hubbies come around.

Maybe that’s what Linda Saland did to get her husband, State Senator Stephen Saland, to vote for marriage equality in New York State.

Actually, maybe Michelle Obama should give it a try. You know Barry would cave like a deck of cards.