Richard and John are New York’s Cutest Couple

Richard and John met in 1948, at Juilliard. “I want to sing for you,” Richard told John, and the rest is incredibly adorable history. After 61 years, for heaven’s sake, why is New York still denying these men their marriage?

Freedom to Marry produced the delightful interview to promote the state’s upcoming marriage blitz. With more legislators and a powerful Governor on their side, a big coalition of LGBT groups are optimistic that this is the year they can finally make marriage legal. Won’t you join them?

Richard, for his part, offers a bit of advice for couples seeking to replicate their longevity. “Never go to sleep on an argument,” he counsels. Good advice! Maybe that’s why so many Republicans get divorced — they always seem to be fighting about something, from leaving the toilet seat up to washing the dishes to cruising undercover cops in the airport bathroom.

By the way, we couldn’t help but notice that the video isn’t closed-captioned. Boo! Deaf people want to support marriage equality, too, and now YouTube makes it nice and easy to add captions: you just have to write a transcript and then it algorithmically fits the text to the dialogue. Get on it, Freedom to Marry!

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  • Cam

    So THIS is the evil that terrifies NOM? Oh yes, I can see why, I mean NYC has fallen into a pitt of molten lava simply because these two have been together.

  • Lonnie

    The Governor is NOT in support of marriage equality. When oh when will fags learn that sweet talk is not action? If a politician tells you he or she supports you, he or she is just trying to get your vote and your dollars. Oh my queer brothers and sisters, when oh when will we get it through our heads: words don’t mean shit. Actions count.

    Don’t we ever get tired of hearing the Democrats tell us how much they love us only to get bitch slapped when it counts?

  • RomanHans

    And why can’t I see the video in Braille? Damn you Freedom to Marry! Take your sweet positive message straight to HELL!!!

  • declanto

    As a deaf person I totally appreciate the closing comment. This is a good signal concerning the journalistic character of Queerty’s new staff.
    @RomanHans: Blind peoples don’t count.

  • declanto

    A-an-d, They’re only NYC’s cutest couple because I can’t bring my husband into the US because of DOMA.

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