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  • rudy

    What do we expect from the onetime center of the slave trade and now the most homophobic state in New England?

  • anyway

    Rules are for other people.

  • Charles Merrill

    He should be in California where I live. He would have gotten minimum security prison (Club Fed)watering the flowers . The prisons are so overcrowded they don’t have the room for more prisoners and the state is going bankrupt. I predict the country will follow suit.
    Can’t keep printing money with unemployment rising. In addition, lot’s of these Town Hall nuts are not going to pay taxes. Federal revenue decreased 40% last year. Government sponsored “Faith based” soup lines not far away in the future. The whole country will be similar to New Orleans directly after Hurricane Katrina.

  • edgyguy1426

    Hatch is a douchebag. He’s a greedy guy who got caught cheating on his taxes. Myself, I think we’re being taxed to death in this country, but until the rules change…

  • Fitz

    He went to jail because he is a narcissist who thought he was above the tax laws. He went back to jail (not prison) because he is a narcissist who thinks that he is above a “terms of conditional release” order. Merrill: you talk like a republican. Ever seen the inside of a “minimum security prison (Club Fed)”???? What minimum security means is a slightly lower ratio of guards, and 2 hours per day on the yard, eating in a cafeteria, instead of your cell. For someone like Hatch, that means that it is easier for jealous prisoners to get at him.

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